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Joint Statement Following Discussions With Chancellor Adenauer.

November 15, 1962

PRESIDENT Kennedy and Chancellor Adenauer held conversations in Washington on November 14 and 15 in which Secretary of State Rusk and the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Schroeder participated.

The conversations were conducted in a relaxed and friendly spirit which has become traditional in the relations between the two governments. The President and the Chancellor reviewed recent international developments and examined the opportunities which might arise in the future to clarify unresolved questions and to better ensure peace. They were in agreement that both Governments will collaborate closely and confidently in examining and utilizing such opportunities.

The exchange of views between President Kennedy and Chancellor Adenauer dealt in particular with the events relating to Cuba and their effect both on the general situation and the problems of special interest to the two countries.

Among other important international problems discussed by the President and the Chancellor were Germany including Berlin; Western Alliance contingency planning for the maintenance of the freedom and security of West Berlin; East-West relations; political and military matters pertaining to NATO; developments relating to the economic and political integration of Europe.

It was agreed that a solution of the German question can be found only in the preservation of the right of self-determination and that the freedom and viability of Berlin will be preserved in all circumstances and with all means.

The President and Chancellor Adenauer were agreed that the North Atlantic Alliance continues to be the basis for the maintenance of freedom and that for the future every appropriate means must be employed to strengthen the Alliance and to promote the cooperation of its members.

The conversations have shown that both Governments are in full agreement in their assessment of the international situation. The meeting has reaffirmed the very close cooperation, based on the friendship of the two peoples, which exists between the two Governments.

John F. Kennedy, Joint Statement Following Discussions With Chancellor Adenauer. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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