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Joint Saudi Arabia-United States Communique

February 13, 1985

The State visit of His Majesty King Fahd bin 'Abd al-'Aziz Al Sa'ud has reaffirmed the long-standing bonds of friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation that have existed between the United States and Saudi Arabia for over fifty years. In their meetings on February 11 and 12, President Reagan and King Fahd concentrated on the search for a just, stable and lasting solution to the Arab-Israel conflict, which the two leaders agreed was their primary concern.

The King expressed his belief that the Arab consensus defined in the communique issued at Fez in September 1982 provided a just basis for negotiations leading to a comprehensive peace. The President expressed his appreciation for the Fez consensus, positive elements of which have been recognized by the United States. He reaffirmed his continuing commitment to the positions for peace which he announced on September 1, 1982, and renewed his pledge that the United States will support those positions in direct negotiations involving the parties most concerned.

In their discussions, the President and the King stressed that a stable peace must provide security for all states in the area and for the exercise of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. Both agreed to maintain their dialogue on this urgent issue.

The two leaders discussed the situation in Lebanon and agreed on the need for rapid restoration of its sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

The President and the King discussed the continuing war between Iran and Iraq. They deplored the tragic loss of life and destruction it has brought and the threat to regional stability and peace which it poses. They pledged to continue to support efforts to bring the fighting to a speedy end.

The discussions between the President and the King, to which cabinet members and ministers contributed, charted the course for continued development of U.S. Saudi relations. In this regard, Saudi Arabia's emergence as an exporter of industrial goods, as well as of crude oil, was examined in the light of the United States' traditional commitment to open markets for goods and investment. The delegations of the two countries foresaw growth and rising mutual benefit from a sustained partnership in trade, development and regional cooperation that joins Saudi resources and aspirations with American technological leadership.

Ronald Reagan, Joint Saudi Arabia-United States Communique Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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