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Joint Communique‚ Following Discussions With Prime Minister Cosgrave of Ireland.

March 18, 1976

[Dated March 17, 1976. Released March 18, 1976]

1. THE PRESIDENT welcomed the Prime Minister and stressed the significance he attached to the visit in connection with the celebration of the Bicentennial of American independence. The Prime Minister agreed with this view and thanked the President for his invitation. Both the President and the Prime Minister expressed the conviction that the visit would help to strengthen the ties of kinship, friendship, affection and mutual interest which bind their countries so closely.

2. The President and the Prime Minister discussed matters of common concern including international political developments and economic matters. The two leaders also discussed the development of the European Economic Community and Ireland's place in its progress.

3. On economic matters, both welcomed the close relations that exist between their two countries, and the Prime Minister indicated in particular the welcome of his Government for American investment in Ireland and the benefits to the two countries which could accrue from it. The President and the Prime Minister reviewed the improving economic picture on both sides of the Atlantic and, in this connection, the President underscored the importance of close consultations and cooperation between the United States and the European Community.

4. The President and the Prime Minister noted with regret the continued violence arising from the Northern Ireland situation. They deplored all support for organizations involved directly or indirectly in campaigns of violence and reiterated in particular their determination to continue and to intensify their cooperation in the prosecution of illegal activities. They appealed to the American and Irish people to refrain from supporting, with financial or other aid, this violence.

5. The Prime Minister invited the President to visit Ireland at a mutually agreeable future date, and the President accepted the invitation with pleasure.

Gerald R. Ford, Joint Communique‚ Following Discussions With Prime Minister Cosgrave of Ireland. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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