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Jeb Bush Campaign Press Release - We Will Get Through This

August 25, 2015

Governor Jeb Bush has written a memoir of his governorship through the email exchanges he had with his staff, members of the media and most importantly the Floridians he represented during his two-terms as the leader of America's fourth largest state. The book, titled Reply All, is available for pre-order on Amazon today. It will be published on October 30.

Governor Bush spent 30 hours a week doing email because it kept him committed to his mission of being the best leader possible for Floridians. His new book chronicles how he took on the teachers union to make Florida a pioneer in school choice and helped drive a nearly 50 percent increase in high school graduation rates; how he vetoed more than 2,500 earmarks, saving taxpayers more than $2 billion and earning the nickname Veto Corleone; and how he made Florida's economy the envy of the nation by cutting taxes by $19 billion, streamlining regulations and taking on the trial lawyers to restrict frivolous lawsuits.

You will also see his commitment to helping those Floridians facing challenges as evidenced by his commitment to reduce domestic violence and improve services to Floridians with developmental disabilities. You will also see how Governor Bush's strong leadership brought his state together in the face of an unprecedented eight hurricanes during 2004-2005 hurricane seasons.

Below is one excerpt from those exchanges.

Subject: hug from a democrat
Friday, September 24, 2004 11:52 a.m.
From: Barbara Czipri

I have to be perfectly honest and tell you upfront that I have never been a great fan of yours, but your leadership during this hurricane season has been EXACTLY what Floridians need. Every day when I see you at the 9 a.m. conference on TV, I wish that I could reach through the screen to give you a BIG hug. I'm sure you could use a lot of them about now. One thing that we have very much in common is our love for this state and the wonderful people who live here.Yes, we will get through this. Above all, regardless of our political views, we are Floridians first. I pray that one positive outcome of the summer of 2004 will be that the upcoming legislative session will be free of the partisianship of recent years. We all need each other and we all need to work together in the best interests of our state. I hope that you will use your "bully pulpit" to help ensure that this happens.In the meantime, please eat your veggies, get as much rest as you can, and get as many hugs as you can. We'll all pray together, and we WILL get through this—hopefully as stronger human beings than before, and more united as Floridians than before. Thanks for the great job that you're doing.

Subject: hug from a democrat
Monday, September 27, 2004 3:38 p.m.
From: Jeb Bush

thank you so much for your kind words. I really, really appreciate the sentiments expressed. This has been an emotional time for all of us. I have been truly inspired by people's patience, courage and resolve and I have been so saddened by the suffering of so many. Again, I appreciate the virtual hug.
Jeb Bush

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