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Jeb Bush Campaign Press Release - Jeb's Tax Plan: What would you do with your extra money?

September 10, 2015

Katie, North Carolina

For my parents' generation, a college degree came with the promise of a better life. It meant finding a job and being able to move toward the hallmarks of adulthood — like a savings account and a home to call your own. Though I was fortunate enough to land a job in this difficult economy, it still feels like I'm barely getting by. Jeb's plan would knock nearly $2,000 off my tax bill — and get me one step closer to financial freedom. I'd consider it a down payment on my future.

Luisa, Ohio

Less than a year ago, I lost my job in human resources and put everything I had into finding something new. After searching for eight months, I took a job working at a grocery store deli for minimum wage. It's not ideal, but with my daughter in college and a son living at home, my income is important to keep my family going. The tax cut that Jeb is proposing would save us about $4,000. Right now, everything we make goes toward paying the bills. But this extra money could be the start of a rainy day fund — and a little peace of mind.

Mary, Massachusetts

I graduated from college over two years ago and was one of the fortunate students in my class, I found a job in nursing straight out of school. I had dedicated myself, studied and it paid off. But it came at a price, I had accumulated $85,000 in student debt. So after school I moved back with my parents in New Hampshire and commuted to save money. Now, half of every paycheck goes to paying down that debt. It's a problem that weighs on me. I've since saved enough to move out on my own, but the $1,911.00 that I would save with Jeb's tax cuts would allow me to pay down that debt, and relieve the burden it brings.

Rhonda, Florida

I'm self-employed as a decorative painter, and the economic slowdown has wreaked havoc on my business. People are afraid to spend money on their homes because they worry that an economic comeback is impossible. I've never seen anything like it — and something has got to change.

Under Jeb's plan, my family will get a tax cut of almost $4,000. I'm going to put it toward the most important thing in my life — my daughter Kayla's education. But this tax cut is about more than just my family. It's about restoring confidence and allowing businesses all across the country to thrive.

Jonathan & Reagan, South Carolina

Recently we packed our bags, left the Palmetto State, and headed to Oklahoma where Jonathan was stationed. It's been an honor to serve, but we look forward to the day when we can head home and put down firm roots. We've been saving for that day, and I've been saving to open a bridal shop. It's been my dream throughout my life. My grandmother, mother, sister and I would stop at every formal dress store, wedding dress boutique, even the dress section at the department store just looking at everything they have. For as long as I can remember, we always said in passing, dreaming, "One day, we are going to have our own shop." We would dream about what the shop would look like, what designers we would carry, and how much fun we would have together doing what we love. In 2011 my grandmother, the true matriarch (and the founder of this dress dream), unexpectedly passed away due to a major heart attack. The void she left can never be filled, as she was truly one of a kind, but the dream did not die with her. Thanks to my gracious, loving, and financially savvy mother-in-law, the forever dream is now possible. The tax relief in Governor Bush's plan will definitely help, too. We're planning Murr's Bridal Boutique, named after my grandmother, and will hopefully open its doors in 2016.

Jeb Bush, Jeb Bush Campaign Press Release - Jeb's Tax Plan: What would you do with your extra money? Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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