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Inslee Campaign Press Release - Jay Inslee for America Hits 130,000 Unique Donors

August 19, 2019

Powered by grassroots climate activists, Governor Jay Inslee passes DNC's debate donor threshold

Seattle, WA – Inslee for America passed the Democratic National Committee's 130,000 unique donor threshold today, a victory for the campaign and for the entire climate movement. Governor Inslee is the first governor to reach the DNC's 130,000 unique donor threshold for the fall debates, and he reaches the threshold before two sitting U.S. Senators.

"This is an enormous win for climate activists and for the grassroots movement to defeat climate change," said Governor Inslee. "Reaching 130,000 donors is a testament to the grassroots power of the climate movement - a movement that politicians can no longer ignore. I want to thank all of the grassroots leaders who helped us send a clear message: America must act now on climate change.

"Our campaign has experienced a surge of support since the July debates, because voters are responding to our clear call for climate action. Voters are demanding real action on climate, not platitudes, half-measures, or empty promises. I will make defeating climate change our nation's top priority."

Inslee reached the 130,000 donor mark following a sustained surge in momentum after his highly-praised appearance in the second round of debates, where he led the discussion on climate, detailing his proposals to build a clean energy economy and contrasting his ambitious climate plan with those of other candidates.

As more Democratic primary voters than ever say that climate change is their top issue for 2020, it remains President Trump's weakest issue, with only 29% of Americans approving of his approach to climate. Inslee has repeatedly made the case that a strong position on defeating climate change and protecting the environment is the key to defeating Trump at the ballot box.

Among presidential candidates, Inslee has released the most comprehensive suite of policy proposals for addressing climate change including his 100% Clean Energy for America, Evergreen Economy, Global Climate Mobilization, Freedom from Fossil Fuels, and Community Climate Justice plans. His plans have been called the "gold standard" by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, "fantastic" by Vice President Al Gore, and are the only plans to receive an "A" grade by Greenpeace.

Jay Inslee, Inslee Campaign Press Release - Jay Inslee for America Hits 130,000 Unique Donors Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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