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Informal Remarks in North Royalton, Ohio

October 28, 1972

Could I have your attention for just a moment please.

I wish that time would permit our stopping a little longer in each one of these wonderful towns that we have been traveling through today, but we have 4 hours of motorcading and each town is waiting.

I wanted to stop here for two reasons: one, to express my appreciation to you, to the mayor, to this marvelous band, and to all of the people that have come out and welcomed us so graciously.

Another reason--and I say this from having talked to my good friend and great supporter Bill Minshall, your Congressman, before, as we drove through Parma, Ohio--I saw that the flags were at half-mast. When I saw those flags at half-mast I asked one of our Secret Service men, a man who has given 30 years of his life to Government service and has risked his life many times, why the flags were at half-mast.

He told me that what had happened is that just 2 days ago a policeman, in the line of duty, trying to apprehend a criminal--who proved to be a criminal, certainly, by his actions in killing the policeman--was murdered. As a result, the town, of course, was paying its respects to that man of the law.

I just want to say this as I stand here in the presence of the United States Secret Service, people from the Sheriff's Department, and people in the Police Department: I just talked to a couple of the men in your Police Department, the Sheriff's Department. I said, "How do you like your job?" They said, "We like it fine."

Let me tell you, you can't pay these men what it is really worth. You can't pay a man enough who risks his life to help you keep your life. One thing you can do is this: Respect them, honor them. I have seen on occasion over these years sometimes some scroungy-looking people that are spitting on policemen and calling them pigs and the rest. It makes my blood boil.

When I think of that fine young man that was killed in Parma, Ohio, I say I am proud that in our Administration we have stood up for the men of law and order, and we are going to for the next 4 years.

Note: The President spoke at 1:30 p.m. in North Royalton where he made a brief stop during his motorcade through eastern Ohio.

Richard Nixon, Informal Remarks in North Royalton, Ohio Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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