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Independence Day Statement.

July 02, 1973

BECAUSE the first Fourth of July so ringingly proclaimed the young American Republic's faith in itself, each Independence Day becomes an important opportunity to renew that faith. In reaffirming the ideals and hopes struck so eloquently in Independence Hall, we rededicate ourselves to those basic strengths.

Independence Day is a day to secure our moorings, to consider how far we have come as a nation, and to understand where we must yet go. It is a day of solemnity, for the birth of our nation was a momentous event for all mankind. But it is also a day of great joy as we celebrate the wondrous blessings of liberty and freedom.

As we near the Bicentennial celebration of America's independence we must come to measure the magnitude of our accomplishments. The spirit of 1976 must be as strong and as meaningful as the spirit of 1776 which we commemorate each July Fourth. The greatest lesson of this day of celebration is the importance of unity of purpose, of all Americans sharing in the future of our country. If we seek that on this July 4th, as the patriots sought it on theirs, we need have no fear of our destiny.


Note: The statement was issued at San Clemente, Calif.

Richard Nixon, Independence Day Statement. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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