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ICYMI: Vice President Kamala Harris Continues Her Leadership on the World Stage While Representing the United States at the Munich Security Conference

February 17, 2024

During her 16th foreign trip, the Vice President defended NATO, reaffirmed support for Ukraine, and made the case for America's continued global leadership

MUNICH – Vice President Kamala Harris just wrapped up a three-day trip to Germany where she represented the United States at the Munich Security Conference for the third time and made a forceful case for America's continued global leadership. During a speech yesterday, the Vice President condemned recent efforts to undermine NATO, reaffirmed the nation's support for Ukraine, and strongly rejected the failed ideologies of isolationism, authoritarianism, and unilateralism.

Earlier today, she met with President Zelenskyy for the fifth time. Vice President Harris once again reiterated that she and President Biden continue to stand with the people of Ukraine. She also urged the House of Representatives to pass the bipartisan national security package.

"When we talk about the role of America as it relates to our support for Ukraine, we must be unwavering and we cannot play political games. Political gamesmanship has no role to play in what is fundamentally about the significance of standing with an ally as it endures an unprovoked aggression," said the Vice President. "It is my full belief that were the supplemental package and security package to make it to the floor of the House of Representatives, that it would actually pass."

During her 16th foreign trip, the Vice President also held five meetings with world leaders to advance the Biden-Harris Administration's priorities, including on Ukraine and the Middle East. She met with President Herzog of Israel, Prime Minister Al-Sudani of Iraq, Prime Minister Golob of Slovenia, President Scholz of Germany, and President Zelenskyy of Ukraine.

Read more about the Vice President's continued leadership on the world stage:

Associated Press: Harris repudiates Trump worldview and says the US won't back down on Ukraine's defense

Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday warned of the dangers of growing authoritarianism and isolationism in a not-so-veiled repudiation of Donald Trump's worldview and threats to renege on security guarantees for NATO allies should he return to the White House. […] "Let me be clear: that worldview is dangerous, destabilizing and indeed shortsighted," Harris said without mentioning Trump by name. "That view would weaken American and undermine global stability and undermine global prosperity. President Biden and I therefore reject that view."

USA Today: Harris claps back at Trump, says U.S. will not walk away from NATO or Ukraine

"I firmly believe our commitment to build and sustain alliances has helped America become the most powerful and prosperous country in the world — alliances that have prevented wars, defended freedom, and maintained stability from Europe to the Indo-Pacific. To put all of that at risk would be foolish," she said.

It is up to Americans to decide, she said, whether the U.S. will remain a global power or "turn inward, whether it is in our interest to defend longstanding rules and norms that have provided for unprecedented peace and prosperity or allow them to be trampled." Harris said that she and President Joe Biden will continue to stand with America's allies, including Ukraine. She said the administration would keep pressing Congress to pass a new aid package.

Washington Post: Kamala Harris seeks to reassure wary allies at Munich Security Conference

Harris's speech — which marks her third appearance at the annual confab of world leaders and policy and security officials — precedes a busy weekend in which she will meet several European leaders, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. […]

Harris sought to project confidence that the United States would lead the global community indefinitely, stressing that it was not in America's best interests to pursue isolationist policies, and that the U.S. commitment to its NATO allies was "ironclad." "History has also shown us if we only look inward, we cannot defeat threats from outside," she told the crowd. "Isolation is not insulation. In fact when America has isolated herself, threats have only grown."

CNN: Harris says reports of Navalny's death are another sign of Putin's brutality

It was another high-profile moment for Harris to address the Munich Security Conference Friday amid a consequential moment in US foreign policy […] Harris maintained Friday that US commitment to NATO remains "ironclad" in the wake of Trump's comments. […] Harris called Putin's war in Ukraine an "utter failure" and stressed the consequences of ceding any ground to Russia, reaffirming US support for Ukraine. "Imagine if America turned our back on Ukraine and abandoned our NATO allies and abandoned our treaty commitments. Imagine if we went easy on Putin. Let alone encouraged him," Harris said.

"History offers a clue. If we stand by while an aggressor invades its neighbor with impunity, they will keep going. In the case of Putin, that means all of Europe would be threatened. If we fail to impose severe consequences on Russia, other authoritarians across the globe would be emboldened," Harris said.

NBC News: Zelenskyy calls for international support, Harris underscores unity with Ukraine

Vice President Kamala Harris stood side-by-side with Zelenskyy in a joint press conference later in the day as she praised his resolve and successes in the continued fight against Russia, saying that U.S. will continue to stand behind Ukraine. […]

Vice President Kamala Harris said that she and President Biden would work to "secure the resources and weapons" that Ukraine needs to succeed against Russia. There is no Plan B if Congress does not approve aid, Harris said. "There's only plan A, which is to ensure that Ukraine receives what it needs."

NPR: Harris says Russia is responsible for Navalny's death

In Munich, Harris is trying to reassure allies that the United States will be there to help defend their security against Russian aggression or any other threats. "The American people will meet this moment. And America will continue to lead," Harris said. […] "I know that there are questions here in Europe and around the world about the future of America's role of global leadership. These are questions the American people must also ask ourselves: whether it is in America's interest to continue to engage with the world or to turn inward," she said.

While she did not explicitly name Trump, Harris rejected his nationalist approach. "That world view is dangerous, destabilizing, and indeed, short-sighted. That view would weaken America and undermine global stability and global prosperity," she said. "To put all of that at risk would be foolish."

Reuters: US VP Harris: Will work to ensure Russia pays damages to Ukraine | Reuters

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris said that U.S. President Joe Biden's administration stood ready to support Ukraine in its war with Russia for "as long as it takes" and would push for Russia to pay damages to Ukraine following the end of the war.

"We will continue in our efforts to secure a just and lasting peace. We will work to make sure Russia pays damages to Ukraine," she said at a joint news conference with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the annual Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

Bloomberg: Harris Aims at Trump, Denouncing Those Who'd 'Embrace Dictators'

Without ever mentioning Donald Trump by name, Vice President Kamala Harris tore into his foreign policy rhetoric in a speech in Germany Friday, denouncing those who "suggest it is in the best interest of the American people to isolate ourselves from the world."

Some people in the US want "to flout common understandings among nations, to embrace dictators and adopt their repressive tactics and abandon commitments to our allies in favor of unilateral action," Harris told the Munich Security Conference.

VOA: US VP Kamala Harris Attends Munich Security Conference

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris is attending the Munich Security Conference, where she is reassuring U.S. allies the United States can still be depended on. "It is in the fundamental interest of the American people for the United States to fulfill our long-standing role of global leadership," she said Friday in Munich.

Kamala Harris, ICYMI: Vice President Kamala Harris Continues Her Leadership on the World Stage While Representing the United States at the Munich Security Conference Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/369640

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