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ICYMI: New Poll Shows 76% of Americans Support Passing Biden's Recovery Plan

February 24, 2021

A new Morning Consult poll today shows that 76% of Americans support President Biden's American Rescue Plan, including 60% of Republicans. The poll also found that a combined 71% of Independents said they support the stimulus package.

Morning Consult wrote that "While Republicans in Congress have balked at the overall price tag for Biden's proposed package, new Morning Consult/Politico polling shows that the public — including Republican voters — overwhelmingly supports the legislation."

The Morning Consult poll follows a letter from over 160 business leaders supporting the Biden's American Rescue Plan, a survey from CNBC that showed 63% of small business owners support the rescue plan, and numerous polls showing bipartisan support for the plan, including CBS poll showed 83% of Americans support for the plan, a New York Times/Survey Monkey poll demonstrating 72% support for the plan, and a recent Quinnipiac poll showered that 68% of Americans also approve of the plan. This latest letter also follows the endorsement of more than 400 more bipartisan mayors across the nation.

And, today's Morning Consult poll echoes the concerns of a long list of economists and economic organizations urging the benefits of immediate relief including Brookings, Moody's Analytics, and the Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund. And a Reuters survey of dozens of economists found that over 90% believed that it would "boost the economy significantly."

Read more from Morning Consult here.

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