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Huckabee Campaign Press Release - Arkansas Businessmen for Mike Huckabee Respond To Club For Growth Ad

January 16, 2008

Columbia, SC - The following group of Arkansas businessmen supporting Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee held a news conference today to respond to negative attacks from the Club for Growth against Huckabee.

Lu Hardin- President of University of Central Arkansas and Former Director of Higher Education; Bill Schwyhart- Former Wal-Mart Executive and current member Pinnacle Group Partner; Curtis Coleman - President/CEO Safe Foods Corp.; French Hill, President Delta Bank and Trust; Gilbert Baker- State Senator and Past Party Chairman; Doug Matayo - Former State Representative and Governor Huckabee's House Leader; David Haak - Former State Representative and Small Business Owner

The group released a list detailing the supporters of presidential candidate, Mitt Romney who have been financing a negative ad campaign against Huckabee.

Question: What does $585,000 buy you?

Answer: It bought Mitt Romney backers a smear job against Mike Huckabee orchestrated by Beltway Insiders.

The Club for Growth has an affiliated 527 group, Club for Growth.net, running anti-Mike Huckabee ads in early primary states.

- At least $585,000 in contributions from Mitt Romney financial backers.

- Club for Growth has spent $750,000 against Governor Huckabee in Iowa, South Carolina and Michigan.

Here are donors that have donated both to Club for Growth.net* and Mitt Romney:

Name Contribution to Beltway Group Contribution to Mitt Romney

John Childs** $100,000 on 11/16/07 $2,100 on 1/8/07

$100,000 on 12/31/07

Bob Perry $200,000 on 12/12/07 $2,300 on 3/13/07

Kristen Hertel $25,000 on 12/21/07 $1,000 on 2/6/07

$25,000 on 1/02/08

Muneer Satter $25,000 on 12/21/07 $2,300 on 2/6/07

$25,000 on 1/02/08

Michael Valentine $40,000 on 1/3/08 $2,300 on 4/4/07

Travis Anderson $25,000 on 12/19/07 $2,100 on 2/8/07

Richard Gaby $20,000 on 12/19/07 $1,000 on 2/12/07

* Only represents donors that contributed more than $20,000 to Club for Growth.net in 2007/2008.

** "Boston investor John Childs, who donated $2,100 to Romney in 2007, recently gave 100,000 to the Club for Growth." [Morain, Dan. "Huckabee foes open their wallets for attack ads," The Los Angeles Times. 1 January 2008.]

*** All contributor information obtained from Federal Election Commission's electronic database at www.fec.gov.

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