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Hillary Clinton's Statement on the National Urban League's State of Black America 2008

March 05, 2008

Today, the National Urban League is releasing its blueprint for economic equality, and putting forward a clear call to action for our country to address the challenges facing African Americans and African American women, in particular. This report clearly shows that while society has made progress in addressing disparities between African Americans and whites, disturbing inequities still remain.

The State of Black America 2008 highlights meaningful improvements in broadband access, college enrollment, and high school graduation rates among African Americas. In addition, the analysis shows that sentencing disparities have. We celebrate these achievements. At the same time we recognize that society has a tremendous amount of hard work ahead to ensure that every African American has the fully opportunity to achieve their God-given potential. African American children are still twice as likely as white children to be uninsured. Three times as many African Americans live below the poverty line than whites. College enrollment for African American high school graduates decreased since 2007, at a time when rates are rising among other demographic groups. And the subprime crisis is draining wealth from African American communities.

As President, Hillary will act swiftly to address the deep racial disparities between African Americans and whites that are highlighted throughout this important report with tangible plans for improving people's lives. Hillary will launch a comprehensive Zero-to-Five early childhood education initiative that expands Head Start, provides nurse home visiting for every new at-risk mother, and provides access to pre-school for every four year old, starting with children living in poverty. She'll close the persistent pay gap, which results in African American women earning only $.68 for every dollar men earn for doing the same job - even less than white women who earn $.77 for every dollar men earn. Hillary will achieve universal health care and providing $50 million for improving the cultural competency of our health care providers and recruiting a diverse workforce. She'll cut in half the high school drop-out rate among students of color. She'll almost double funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), provide $100 million for helping minority-serving institutions upgrade to 21st century technology, and end the predatory lending practices of private student loan companies that are mortgaging our young people's futures. And she'll expand the EITC to reward work and help large families and low-income individuals who do not have children.

As President, Hillary will work tirelessly to ensure that the findings in The State of Black America 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and beyond reveal significant progress in every area the report looks at - from economics to health care, from education to social justice and civic engagement.

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