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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - What Granite Staters Are Saying About Hillary's Trip

February 12, 2007

Thousands of Granite Staters came out to meet Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire this weekend, and the reviews are in..."the kind of leader we need right now" "inspires me to hope again" "she's brilliant and she's great"

'WHAT CAN YOU SAY BAD ABOUT HER?' "I didn't think she had a chance, but I've changed my mind. Now, you really ask yourself, what can you say bad about her?" [New Hampshire resident, Capital 9 News 2/10/07]

'I NEVER THOUGHT I'D VOTE FOR A WOMAN BUT...I'm going to support' HILLARY: "I never thought I'd vote for a woman, but this one here I'm going to support." [Henry Boucher, Berlin, firefighter, 65; Associated Press 2/10/07]

'THE CANDIDATE THAT TRIES TO BUILD A COALITION FROM ALL WINGS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY' "I think she's going to be the candidate that tries to build a collation from all the wings of the Democratic primary." [Dante Scala, a professor of politics at Saint Anselm College; Concord Monitor 2/10/07]

'VERY SMART...VERY CAPABLE' "I'll tell you, she's very smart. She's very capable." [David Helfman, a Nashua optometrist; Manchester Union Leader, 2/12/07]

'I WAS SO WON OVER BY HER' "I came in a little unsure, and I was so won over by her," [Paul LeBlanc; Concord Monitor 2/12/07]

'SHE'S BRILLIANT AND SHE'S GREAT' "She's brilliant and she's great." [Deb Butler; Concord Monitor 2/12/07]

'SHE SPOKE PASSIONATELY': "I'll be surprised if those two guys (Obama and John Edwards) - who are both incredibly impressive men - are as impressive as her. She spoke passionately, but with none of the bloviation, none of the preachiness," John Cunningham, Concord lawyer; Concord Monitor 2/12/07]

'THE KIND OF LEADER WE NEED RIGHT NOW' "She's not afraid to ask for assistance and can facilitate the conversation. That's the kind of leader we need right now." [Kathleen Kelley, 50, Randolph; Reuters 2/10/07]

'INSPIRES ME TO HOPE AGAIN' "Come on, I'm a '60s girl.She inspires me to hope again." [Joan Chamberlain, Berlin; Politico 2/11/07]

Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - What Granite Staters Are Saying About Hillary's Trip Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/297104

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