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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - The Raves Pour In: Hillary 'Spectacular,' 'Presidential,' 'Wins Again'

July 24, 2007

When all is said and done, being president is about protecting the country. Through her comments on how to deal with hostile leaders like Kim Jong Il and Huge Chavez and what needs to be done to bring the troops home, Hillary showed that she has the strength and experience to deliver the change America wants starting on day one.

SURVEY USA POLL -- AMERICANS 'WENT IN THINKING HILLARY CLINTON WOULD MAKE THE BEST PRESIDENT...CAME OUT OF THE DEBATE EVEN MORE CONVINCED': "Americans who watched the YouTube Democratic Debate 7/23/07 on CNN went into the debate thinking Hillary Clinton would make the best President of the 8 Democrats on stage, and came out of the debate even more convinced, according to an exclusive SurveyUSA poll." The poll found Hillary won the debate by a large margin. [Survey USA, 7/23/07]

DES MOINES REGISTER'S YEPSEN -- HILLARY 'COOL AND COGENT': "She's cool and cogent and bears up well under discussions about her being a woman and what she wears. Male politicians, journalists and YouTubers who focus on that just help her rally support from other women." [DesMoines Register, 7/24/07]

DONNA BRAZILE -- HILLARY WAS 'SPECTACULAR...IN COMMAND OF THE FACTS': "I thought Senator Clinton had a great answer when she said when she said we must withdraw our troops safely, carefully and in an orderly fashion so I thought Senator Clinton not only gave a great answer to that question but overall her debate performance was spectacular. She was in command of the facts. She understood the issues." [CNN, 7/23/07]

TIME'S JOE KLEIN -- 'A GOOD NIGHT' FOR HILLARY, 'JUDICIOUS AND PRESIDENTIAL': "Hillary Clinton--a good night....Clinton's pointing out that the groundwork had to be done was, dare I say it, judicious and presidential..." [Time, 7/23/07]


ANDREW SULLIVAN -- 'HILLARY WINS AGAIN...SHE DESTROYED THE OPPOSITION TONIGHT': "Her response to the dynastic question - a difficult one - was the first time she has ever brought a smile to my lips...You know how much I hate to say this: but she destroyed the opposition tonight: out-classing it, out-debating it, and avoiding the usual pitfalls. I wish it weren't so, but it's what I saw. If she keeps this up, it's hers." [Andrew Sullivan, 7/23/07]

MICHAEL CROWLEY'S NEW REPUBLIC -- 'BOTTOM LINE: GREAT NIGHT FOR HILLARY': But the one who stood out was Hillary. She shows really impressive poise and confidence, and didn't lose her stride even in the face of offbeat questions about her gender and voter fatigue with the Clinton and Bush families...Bottom line: Great night for Hillary. [New Republic, 7/23/07]

BILL PRESS -- HILLARY WINS: "Forceful, in charge, good sense of humor." [CNN Scorecard, 7/24/07]

CNN'S BILL SCHNEIDER -- HILLARY WINS: "Clinton had a very strong performance." [CNN Scorecard, 7/24/07]

WASHINGTON POST -- HILLARY SOUNDED 'AS SHARP AS SHE HAS IN ANY OF THE PAST FOUR GATHERINGS: "Sounding as sharp as she has in any of the past four gatherings of the candidates, eagerly joined an exchange over immediately withdrawing troops from Iraq. She repeated her promise to end the war, adding: "But we want to do so safely and orderly and carefully." [Washington Post, 7/24/07]

CHICAGO SUN TIMES' LYNN SWEET -- HILLARY 'HANDLED EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE WITH CALM CONFIDENCE. SHE EXUDED STRENGTH AND HUMOR: As in previous debates and forums, Clinton deftly handled everything and everyone with calm confidence. She exuded strength and humor. She made no mistakes. [Sun Times, 7/24/07]

WASHINGTON TIMES -- HILLARY WAS 'CONVERSATIONAL...GOT BIG CHEERS': "Mrs. Clinton was quick to note each questioner's name and seemed conversational in her answers. She got big cheers in response to a question about whether her election would represent the change voters want because it would mean 24 consecutive years of presidents named either Bush or Clinton. 'Well, I think it is a problem that Bush was elected in 2000,' she said."[Washington Times, 7/24/07]

Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - The Raves Pour In: Hillary 'Spectacular,' 'Presidential,' 'Wins Again' Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/292663

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