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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Obama's Oregon Plan: Protection for the 'Great Lakes'?

May 01, 2008

Last week, Hillary Clinton released her pledge to work with the state of Oregon on 11 Oregon-specific policy priorities. Eight days later, Barack Obama has released his own plan, mostly a re-hash of his already announced national programs.

The most notable exception is Obama's Oregon promise of "protecting national treasures like the Great Lakes." By contrast, Hillary's Oregon Compact specifically and accurately references nine Oregon areas in need of protection.

"When your Oregon plan is an afterthought, it's easy to make 1,700 mile mistakes," said Julie Edwards, Oregon Communications Director. "I hope that if Senator Obama comes to Oregon to debate, he finally learns a little bit about our state."

Additionally, there are nine specific differences between Hillary's Oregon-specific plan and Obama's, including:

  • Only Hillary's plan recognizes that the county payments crisis shouldn't wait for the next President and commits to coming back to the Senate to vote for Oregon if her vote is needed.
  • Only Hillary has sponsored Senator Ron Wyden's county payments reauthorization legislation to actually get the job done.
  • Only Hillary commits to ending the logging of Oregon's remaining old growth forests.
  • Only Hillary specifically names areas in Oregon where she will work to create wilderness
  • Only Hillary commits to vetoing legislation to overturn Oregon's Death with Dignity Law.
  • Only Hillary commits to raise Oregon's TriCare reimbursement rates to better care for Oregon's reservists and veterans
  • Only Hillary proposes to create jobs by thinning choked, overgrown second growth forests
  • Only Hillary proposes to work with Oregon to get federal waivers to expand access to health care, just as she did in 1993 with the Oregon Health Plan
  • Only Hillary voted against the Bush-Cheney energy bill which stripped Oregon's say in siting Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) lines and terminals

To read Hillary's plan, visit www.oregoncompact.com

To read more about Sen. Obama's pledge to protect Oregon's '˜Great Lakes,' [Click here].

Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Obama's Oregon Plan: Protection for the 'Great Lakes'? Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/292450

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