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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Obama on Oregon Debates—The Sound of Silence

May 04, 2008

Oregon's Largest Paper Endorses Debates Hillary Would Accept Debate Offers From Across Oregon

The Clinton campaign today announced it would accept any of the seven debates being offered by prominent media, academic and governmental sponsors throughout the state, and challenged Sen. Obama to show Oregonians he's taking their votes seriously. This offer came on the heels of an editorial in today's Oregonian echoing the Clinton call for debates.

"Hillary told Oregon voters last week that she looked forward to debating the issues important to our state. Every other person running for office in Oregon agrees to debate, but so far we have been met by stonewalling and silence by the Obama campaign," said Josh Kardon, Chair of the Oregon Steering Committee. "The overwhelming majority of Oregonians haven't seen a single presidential debate this year, and we know that hundreds of thousands of Oregon voters would be glued to their sets for the first presidential debate in Oregon history."

The Oregonian editorial agrees: "An Oregon debate between Obama and Clinton would be good for democracy here and the country generally. As a general principle, voters should be given the chance to compare the candidates, face to face, in at least one televised event."

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The Oregonian is the second major daily paper in the state to endorse debates, following a piece earlier this week in the Eugene Register Guard. ["Bring On Oregon Debates; Clinton Wants Them, Obama Doesn't," 4/29/08]

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The Clinton campaign is offering to participate in debates hosted by the following prominent sponsors who have stepped forward to host debates on the issues facing Oregon and our nation.

Willamette University in Salem;

KGW-TV (NBC) in Portland;

KATU-TV (ABC) in Portland;

KOBI-TV (NBC) in Medford;

the City Club of Portland;

PBS/NOVA and the American Association for the Advancement of Science; and

Association of Oregon Counties and Oregon State University Extension Service.

"I understand Senator Obama is reluctant to answer tough questions in a debate, so if it would make him more comfortable, Hillary is also prepared to debate in a forum hosted by either the Oregonian or the Eugene Register Guard - both of which support debates and have already endorsed Senator Obama," said Kardon. "The two Democratic Senate candidates have held seven debates this primary season; anyone who wants Oregon's vote for President should be willing to debate here."

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