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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - New Hampshire Campaign to Implement Energy Efficiency Policies

April 20, 2007

MANCHESTER, NH - The Clinton Campaign today announced that it will mark Earth Day by becoming carbon neutral, offsetting all carbon emissions produced by the campaign and doing its part in the fight against global climate change. Additionally, the New Hampshire campaign team has committed to several conservation and efficiency policies.

"Every single person has a responsibility to help preserve our environment and protect natural resources," said Bill Shaheen, Clinton Campaign Co-Chair. "The New Hampshire Clinton campaign takes this responsibility seriously and Hillary's leadership on fighting for improved investments in clean and renewable energy has inspired us to take real, meaningful steps to improve energy efficiency, promote conservation and protect natural resources."

The New Hampshire campaign team announced today that in addition to purchasing carbon offsets, it will use 100 % recycled paper; recycle paper, glass, cans and cardboard; use energy efficient light bulbs; enact a car rental policy that encourages use of high mileage vehicles and hybrid vehicles when possible; reduce campaign mileage by carpooling and using telecommunications technology to further reduce need for travel; and conserve energy usage.

In early April Clean Air-Cool Planet reached out to all of the 2008 campaigns to measure and seek to reduce energy use through a spectrum of efficiency measures and conservation. "We are glad the Clinton campaign is taking these important steps and we look forward to hearing about their successful efforts," said Roger Stephenson, Clean Air-Cool Planet's Deputy Director of External Affairs.

In February in a landmark study, the United Nations panel on Climate Change reported that there is overwhelming evidence that human activities are the main driver behind global warming.

Clinton has proposed creating a $50 billion Strategic Energy Fund to support clean and renewable energy technologies that will reduce America's oil dependence and greenhouse gas emissions while promoting new jobs and a cleaner environment. She supports legislation to establish a flexible, market-based system to combat global warming, and additional investments in biofuels, wind, clean coal and other clean energy technologies that hold promise for reversing climate change.

Clean Air-Cool Planet (CA-CP) is the region's leading organization dedicated to finding and promoting solutions to global warming. The non-profit organization creates partnerships in the Northeast to implement solutions to climate change and build constituencies for effective climate policies and actions.

By partnering with Native Energy to support renewable energy projects and purchase carbon offsets, the Clinton campaign will balance out the carbon emissions produced by its offices and travel, making it carbon neutral. For more information on carbon offsets and Native Energy's programs, visit www.nativeenergy.com

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