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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Morning HUBdate: Memory Lane

December 07, 2007

* MUST WATCH: Hillary sat down for a revealing interview with ABC's Charlie Gibson yesterday. If you watch it, you might learn a few things you didn't know about Hillary. Watch It

* If You Read One Thing: The NYT's Paul Krugman weighs in on Senator Obama's failure to guarantee health coverage, saying that by "echoing the talking points of those who oppose any form of universal health care, he's [Obama] making the task of any future president who tries to deliver universal care considerably more difficult. I'd add, however, a further concern: the debate over mandates has reinforced the uncomfortable sense among some health reformers that Mr. Obama just isn't that serious about achieving universal care - that he introduced a plan because he had to, but that every time there's a hard choice to be made he comes down on the side of doing less." Read More

* Making News Today: The campaign is releasing a letter signed by 32 former ambassadors and diplomats who served while Hillary was First Lady that attests to her unique foreign policy experiences. During her tenure as First Lady, Hillary traveled the world as a representative of the United States, meeting with Presidents and Prime Ministers, refugees and victims of war and genocide. In her diplomatic role, she fought for human rights from China to Uganda to Kosovo, and helped pave the way for improved U.S. relations with countries such as India. With all this talk about experience lately, the letter provides a little more insight into why Hillary has the strength and experience to be president on day one.

* No Permanent Bases: With President Bush negotiating force agreements with Iraq that threaten to leave American troops there permanently, Hillary introduced legislation yesterday that requires Congressional approval for such agreements. The agreement President Bush is negotiating would create permanent bases, something Hillary rejects completely. Hillary thinks it's an outrage that Congress can't review these agreements but that the Iraqi parliament can do so. Read More

* Hot Off The Presses: A new AP-Ipsos poll out today has Hillary up 2-to-1 over Senator Obama, 45 to 23, with Senator Edwards at 12. A new poll from the Pew Hispanic Center shows that Hillary continues to lead all Democratic presidential contenders among Hispanic voters by 44 points.

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