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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Morning HUBdate: Iraq

March 17, 2008

Making News Today: In Washington, D.C., Hillary delivers a major policy address on the war in Iraq.

By the Numbers: Nationally, a new Gallup poll has Hillary tied with Sen. McCain (46-46) and Sen. Obama down by 3 to Sen. McCain (47-44).

In the News: "Ireland Prime Minister Bertie Ahern... called Mrs. Clinton 'hugely helpful' in the [Northern Ireland peace] process both as first lady and as a U.S. senator." Read more.

Just Words: During her 35 years of public service, Sen. Clinton has amassed a record as a first lady who traveled to more than 80 countries and as a U.S. Senator who sits on the Armed Services Committee. Lacking a comparable record, Sen. Obama has premised his campaign on just words, most notably the speech he delivered in 2002 against the Iraq war. But with the fifth anniversary of the invasion upon us, the onus is now on Sen. Obama to demonstrate what he did to act on that speech when he got to the U.S. Senate. Read more.

Active in Pennsylvania: Today, the campaign opens a Lehigh Valley office in Allentown.

If You Read One Thing Today: "Catholics... make up one of [Hillary's] most reliable groups of supporters and could help her defeat Sen. Barack Obama in the Pennsylvania primary." Read more.

The Hillary I Know: Rep. Doris Matsui celebrates Women's History Month by blogging about why she supports Hillary. Read more.

Recapping Last Week: "Hillary... had a good week in Pennsylvania in terms of numbers. Since landing in Scranton... Clinton racked up more than 12,000 bodies at various campaign stops. But then came [the] St. Patrick's Day Parade in Pittsburgh and that number leaped to 300,000. Clinton was hardily cheered without stop all along the parade route, turning the annual wearing of the green into one big campaign stop." Read more.

"New Politics?" Still reeling from losses in Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island, "Sen. Barack Obama's campaign... went on the offensive" with a series of negative attacks on Hillary.

In Case You Missed It: "Obama says he still considers Rezko a friend."

Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Morning HUBdate: Iraq Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/293980

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