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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Morning HUBdate: Bold and Progressive

March 28, 2008

If You Read One Thing Today: Paul Krugman writes in today's New York Times, "...[T]he substance of [Hillary's] policy proposals on mortgages, like that of her health care plan, suggests a strong progressive sensibility....[and] continue to be surprisingly bold and progressive." Read more.

Previewing Today: Hillary makes stops across Indiana, where she hosts a series of "Solutions for the American Economy" town hall and roundtable events.

Real Solutions: Yesterday in North Carolina, Hillary kicked off her six-day "Solutions for the American Economy" Tour with the announcement of a new $2.5 billion per year workforce training program. Read more.

If You Watch One Thing Today: Hillary says, "If the phone were ringing, [Senator McCain] would just let it ring and ring and ring." [Watch here.]

Erie, Pennsylvania: Yesterday, more than 300 people packed the opening of Hillary's newest office. Read more.

Fayetteville, North Carolina: Yesterday, more than 1,000 tarheels gathered to see Hillary at a town hall event here. One, a 25-year-old freshman at Fayetteville State University, said, "She showed she has the heart to help the average person. It made me go wild." "It would be crazy not to vote her into office," said another woman, who arrived for the speech at 6:30 a.m. to hear Hillary speak at 3:00. Read more.

By the Numbers: A new Rasmussen tacking poll shows Hillary leading Senator Obama nationally (46-44). See the results here.

The Hillary I Know: The Student Body President of West Virginia University on why he's supporting Hillary: "To hear Hillary talk about the big goals she's setting for our country ... really should inspire all of us to join with her to bring real change to America." Read more.

On Tap: This Saturday, Hillary visits Louisville, Kentucky and attends the annual state Governor Ruby Laffoon Dinner in Madisonville.

Just the Facts: One week after Sen. Clinton called for a "second stimulus package" with $30 billion to help states and localities fight foreclosures, Sen. Obama announced a "second $30 billion stimulus package". Response from policy director Neera Tanden: "...When it comes to fixing the economy, we need leadership, not followership." Read more.

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