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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Just 11 Words From Hillary Clinton Sent This Powerful Message of Equality Around the World

December 06, 2015

One short sentence made a very large impact.

Hillary for America

As Secretary of State, Hillary went to speak in Geneva for International Human Rights Day.

She made a simple—but important—statement.

Hillary for America

With those words, Hillary sent a powerful message around the globe.

During her travels, Hillary had spoken with activists and advocates who told her about human rights abuses LGBT people still endured around the world. In some countries, those abuses were even written into laws and constitutions.

At the time of Hillary's speech, the government of Malawi maintained a nationwide ban on homosexuality. It was against the law to be gay.

Hillary for America

A few days later, Malawi placed their ban under review.?Hillary's speech started a conversation about LGBT rights in a country where being gay was illegal.?Countries around the world paid attention—some for the first time—to this important human rights issue.

Four years later, the lives of many LGBT people around the world have improved—but the fight for full equality is far from over, including here at home.

Hillary for America

" Our work isn't finished until every single person is treated with equal rights and dignity that they deserve—no matter how old they are, no matter where they live, whether it's New York or Wyoming or anywhere else."Hillary at the Human Rights Campaign Breakfast, October 3, 2015

Despite the historic win for marriage equality, there are still places in America where LGBT people can be married on Sunday and fired on Monday. More than 22 transgender women, primarily women of color, have been murdered in America this year—and that doesn't include the violence that goes unreported or ignored. LGBT people in can still be legally discriminated against in employment, housing, public education, public accommodations, access to federal funding and credit, and the jury system.

Hillary knows that the fight for equality will not be finished until every American can not only marry, but live, work, pray, learn and raise a family free from discrimination. She is committed to working with LGBT Americans to stand up for their fundamental rights—and is ready for the fight ahead.

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