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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - It All Started With a Beaded Locket and a Letter She Wrote Hillary Clinton in 1992

January 19, 2016

A little inspiration and a knack for beading can go a long way.

Twenty-four years ago, Gail Be was going through a rough patch. So she met with a counselor in order to get some advice.?


" In 1992 I was struggling with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. [Minnesota] had a program for people struggling with mental and physical disabilities. I could finish grad school or open a small business. "

The counselor had seen Hillary Clinton wearing a red, white, and blue scarf on television that reminded her of Gail's necklace. So, knowing that Gail was a fan of Hillary's, she made a suggestion.

" Why don't you bead something for Hillary Clinton?"

That sounded like a good idea to Gail.?She made Hillary a hand-beaded locket and sent it off, not expecting to hear back.?

Two weeks later—to Gail's surprise—she received a letter back from Hillary.


Gail was thrilled by the response—but more importantly, she was motivated. She received a $3,000 grant and started her own hand-made jewelry business.?

Today, Gail is a successful artist whose clients include celebrities (like Lady Gaga!). Recently, she made the world's largest beaded wedding dress—with over a million beads on it—and won a Guinness World Record!


When Gail heard that Hillary was running for president, she sent her a custom necklace as a thank you. And, just like the first time, Hillary responded.?


Hillary was so moved by Gail's story that she invited Gail to a campaign event in Minneapolis. Gail was thrilled to find out Hillary wanted to meet her in person.


" As I waited in line for my turn, I saw that she was wearing a scarf around her neck. And when I turned the corner, to my great joy, she was wearing one of my necklaces! When I got close to her I said, in tears, ?Thank you for wearing my necklace!'"

People often ask Gail how she can create such beautiful jewelry. Her response is always the same: "One bead at a time."

" It starts with a bead, that becomes a bracelet, that turns into a necklace, then into 990,000 necklaces. My one bead started with help of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is ... the best suited candidate to be the next president of the United States."

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