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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - I Know What Progressive Looks Like—and It Looks Like Hillary Rodham Clinton

April 09, 2016

We need Hillary.

When I announced that I would lead the effort to change the culture around mental health, to address stigma and the way our city delivers mental health services—a tough issue that has historically been ignored—Hillary was one of the first to express enthusiasm, and to offer me advice about how to make sure everyone is included in ThriveNYC. I wasn't surprised.

Hillary has always been able to see a problem clearly and create a plan to fix it. She has never been afraid to tackle a tough issue and stick with it until she finds a solution.

That's probably why, from the very beginning, Hillary recognized a truth that many would rather ignore: So many of the challenges facing American families are rooted in inequality. That is why, throughout her career, she has fought for policies that address the root causes of inequality.

The need for her leadership on this issue has never been more urgent, especially for African Americans. The typical African American family has just 8 cents of wealth for every dollar held by a typical white family. Eight cents. And it's even less for African American women.

That has to change—and it starts by fighting for equal pay. That is why Hillary, as senator, helped pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.

But equal pay is just a start. We also need to give hardworking Americans a raise.

Back in January, my husband, Mayor Bill de Blasio, announced a $15-dollar minimum wage for all city government employees. And on Monday, our state's minimum wage was raised to $15 dollars. Now we need other states to follow our lead.

And for that to happen, we need Hillary.

It is also high time for us to provide every American with access to paid sick leave and paid family leave. Because no one should be forced to choose between the health of their family and their next paycheck.

Doing that won't be easy. I know because we've already done it, extending paid family leave to 20,000 city employees and sick leave to a half-million more New Yorkers.

Now we need to make sure every family has access to these crucial resources. Doing that will take more than a vision. It will take a plan and meticulous follow up and execution.

And let's not forget early childhood education—a passion that Hillary and I have long shared. Universal pre-k is in its second year here in New York City, and I know that Hillary is eager to extend universal pre-kindergarten to the rest of the country.

Bill and I have been advocating for progressive change since we worked for New York City's first mayor of color, David Dinkins, in the early ?90s. So I know what progressive looks like—and it looks like Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In New York City, we have a bold vision to address inequality. And we have plans to make that vision a reality. Our city and our country would benefit greatly if we had a progressive president in the White House.

That is why we need Hillary. No one is better prepared to help us with our mission. No one is better prepared to help our working families.

She has what it takes—and she won't stop until the work is done.

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Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - I Know What Progressive Looks Like—and It Looks Like Hillary Rodham Clinton Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/317486

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