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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - HUBdate: Iraq

March 08, 2008

By the Numbers: "Sen. Hillary Clinton's primary victories in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island have... brought her into a statistical dead heat with Sen. Barack Obama among registered Democrats and Democratic leaners, according to a new national Newsweek Poll."

Help Hillary: From the comfort of their own homes, volunteers throughout America will encourage people caucusing today in Wyoming to support Hillary. Though the campaign's easy to use online calling tool, supporters will call targeted voters. To help Hillary by making calls, [Click here].

Just Words: Sen. Obama's foreign policy advisor described Sen. Obama's proposal for troop withdrawal from Iraq as a "best case scenario." ... "He will, of course, not rely on some plan that he's crafted as a presidential candidate or a U.S. Senator." Watch.

If You Read One Thing Today: Sen. Obama's "losses in big states spur general-election fears." Read more.

New Radio Ads: The campaign began airing "Energy" statewide in Wyoming and "Invisible" and "Neighbor" statewide in Mississippi. Listen here, here, and here.

In Case You Missed It: "Clinton's gritty wins in Ohio and Texas are a reminder that she has built deep, durable connections to Latinos, seniors, working-class whites, and, above all, women... Clinton... has now won more primary votes than any Democratic nominee in history." Read more.

Previewing Today: Democrats caucus in Wyoming... President Bill Clinton holds events in Pass Christian, Biloxi, Ellisville, and Meridian, Mississippi.

Recapping Yesterday: "An enthusiastic crowd swarmed the Hattiesburg Train Depot" to hear Hillary speak in Mississippi. One supporter "held a sign that said '╦ťHillary Is My American Idol.'" In Casper, Wyoming, "people from all across the state cheered as Clinton talked about bringing troops home from Iraq, providing universal health care and creating energy consistent with protecting the environment." After hearing Hillary in Cheyenne, Jeanie Martinez said, "she talks about specific solutions."

FactCheck: "Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton never gave Canada any secret assurances about the future of NAFTA such as those allegedly offered by Barack Obama's campaign, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office said." Read more.

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