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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Hillary Clinton Addresses ISIS and Plan To Defeat Global Terror

December 06, 2015

"Our goal must not be to deter or contain ISIS. Our goal must be to defeat ISIS."

At a speech today on the alliance between the United States and Israel, Hillary reiterated her plan to combat terrorism and defeat the Islamic State.

She addressed the mass shooting in San Bernardino. Hillary for America

"Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies will continue learning about what led to the massacre in San Bernardino, just as French and Belgian authorities are doing so in Paris and Brussels. But this much we do know: the threat from radical jihadism has metastasized and become more complex and challenging. We're seeing the results of radicalization not just in far-off lands, but right here at home."

And she reminded us of something important.? Hillary for America

"I think it's important to remind ourselves that Islam itself is not our adversary. This is not, and we should not let it become, a 'clash of civilizations.' It is a clash between hate and hope. And the vast majority of Muslims are on our side of the battle. We can't buy into the very narrative that radical jihadists use to recruit new followers or alienate partners we want and need at home and abroad with reckless rhetoric. Declaring war on Islam or demonizing the Muslim-American community is not only counter to our values—it plays right into the hands of terrorists."

And she laid out a three-pronged plan to destroy ISIS and defeat global terror.

"First: Deny ISIS territory in Iraq and Syria by leading an intensified air campaign and working with local and regional forces on the ground.?Second: Dismantle the global infrastructure of terror, the networks that supply radical jihadists with money, weapons, and fighters, and stop them recruiting and inspiring.?And third: Toughen our defenses at home—and those of our partners—against external and homegrown threats."

Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Hillary Clinton Addresses ISIS and Plan To Defeat Global Terror Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/317035

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