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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Guam Military Build-Up

April 30, 2008

Over the next six years, the Department of Defense plans to move the U.S. Marine Corps regiment in Okinawa to Guam, along with a Navy transient carrier group, an Army ballistic missile battery, and additional Air Force bomber and helicopter squadrons. With a current population of approximately 170,000, the permanent stationing of 40,000 U.S. military personnel and their dependents will raise the population on the island by more than 20%. Construction projects totaling $10 billion and employing an estimated 15,000 to 25,000 workers are being planned. Understandably, this is raising concerns among territorial leaders about the impact of the move on the island community.

A number of issues are coming into focus as the island's leaders prepare for the arrival of thousands of military personnel and their dependents: the need for greater input of Guam's perspectives in the military planning process; funding for civilian infrastructure improvements required by the increased population; assurances that the local community is not adversely affected by the construction and the increased military presence; policies that empower local businesses and workers to access contracts; and protection for the island's natural resources.

As the Pentagon increases its presence on Guam, we must ensure that the concerns of the U.S. citizens of Guam are addressed. As president, Hillary Clinton will take the following specific actions to address Guamanian concerns:

  • Hillary will appoint a senior advisor that reports directly to the Secretary of Defense to fully consult with Guam's officials in the planning process and to be the territory's point of contact to address any concerns during the build-up and beyond. This would raise the visibility and priority of the territory's perspectives to the highest policy levels at the Department of Defense, at other Federal agencies and at the White House.

  • Hillary will ensure that the United States helps the Government of Guam finance capital improvements. Guam faces road, power, water, wastewater, solid waste, port, and airport infrastructure needs. Improving civilian infrastructure will help Guam accommodate the increased population and create new opportunities for economic development and expansion.

  • Hillary will direct the Small Business Administration to open a Procurement and Technical Assistance Center on Guam. This center will help small businesses on Guam take advantage of the numerous contracting and procurement opportunities that the military build-up will provide. Hillary will also support competitive local small business set-asides and local hiring preferences to ensure that Guamanians have a fair opportunity to compete for and carry out federal contracts. These measures will boost local employment as well as develop a stronger and broader base of local small businesses to foster greater development and diversification of Guam's economy.

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