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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - A Few of the Largest Newspapers in Florida and Texas Just Endorsed Hillary Clinton. Here's Why

February 12, 2016

"Only Clinton can win in November and is prepared for the nation's highest office."

The Dallas Morning News, Tampa Bay Times, and San Antonio Express-News—some of the largest papers Texas and Florida—just published their endorsements for the Democratic nomination for president. Here's why they're urging their readers to vote for Hillary Clinton in the March primaries:

Hillary has been fighting for progressive issues her entire career ...

" She's better because over her lifetime, Clinton has learned to temper her idealism without losing it. She's learned to advance her agenda even when it means letting others advance too. She's cultivated allies. As first lady, she led President Bill Clinton's push for universal health care. Imperious and uncompromising, she failed spectacularly. But Clinton kept fighting. She salvaged health care for poor children before it was over."Dallas Morning News

" She has long been a persuasive advocate for women, minorities and middle-income families. She knows the gritty specifics of health care policy, and she gained extensive foreign policy experience as secretary of state. The former first lady and U.S. senator is a planner, a detail-oriented leader with refined positions that are not easily condensed into an applause line. She also has demonstrated her skill as a negotiator and as a determined advocate in all sorts of situations over a lifetime in the public eye."Tampa Bay Times

" But most important, as first lady, a U.S. senator from New York and secretary of state, Clinton has demonstrated a broader sense of proportion, pragmatism and accomplishment than has Sanders."San Antonio Express-News

... and she's a progressive who gets things done—someone who knows what it takes to make progress in Washington.

" As president, she'd push a mostly liberal agenda, as Sanders would. But her passion for change is leavened by a pragmatism—and a recognition of costs—his lacks. She still supports universal health care, for example. But she's wisely content to defend and, where possible, extend the Affordable Care Act."Dallas Morning News

" Improving economic opportunities for every American will require multiple approaches. Clinton has a diversified strategy that includes raising the minimum wage, closing corporate tax loopholes and investing in infrastructure and renewable energy. While she is criticized for her ties to Wall Street, she is a strong supporter of the Dodd-Frank financial regulations and would strengthen oversight of the biggest banks. She has achievable goals for lowering college costs and reducing student debt, and she would build on the successes of the Affordable Care Act by seeking to lower deductibles and drug costs."Tampa Bay Times

" The race for the Democratic presidential nomination is between a candidate who wants to ignite a revolution and another who promises a push for progressive incrementalism.Choosing the former may be enticing to some, but the latter is far more preferable if you are interested in what is far more doable. That difference alone makes Hillary Clinton the best choice for president in the Democratic primary, but she is far better prepared for the job as well."San Antonio Express-News

Her experience as secretary of state would make her the commander in chief we need.

" She crisscrossed the globe, tirelessly strengthening this country's diplomatic reach in the face of fast-evolving security threats and global crises. That's experience that none of her rivals, in either party, can match."Dallas Morning News

" In this era of terrorist threats and chest-thumping by Russia and North Korea, Clinton's experience as secretary of state would be particularly helpful. ... Clinton is a known player with deep relationships around the world, and the ability to build coalitions and effectively confront adversaries without provoking all-out war has never been more valuable."Tampa Bay Times

" ... as secretary of state, she helped Obama chart a foreign policy course weighted more properly toward diplomacy than military might, while talking about gender equality and other human rights around the world."San Antonio Express-News

And above all, Hillary has proven herself as a fighter—and the best choice to be our next president.

" ... in the half century since she traveled Texas for McGovern, Clinton has shown persistence beyond measure. That has given her time to learn the value of compromise. That's why she's the best choice for Democrats."Dallas Morning News

" Clinton has been battle-tested, and she is better prepared to be president than when she lost to Obama in the 2008 primaries. The fight for the Democratic nomination may last far longer than anticipated, but only Clinton can win in November and is prepared for the nation's highest office. For the Democratic nomination for president, the Tampa Bay Times recommends Hillary Clinton."Tampa Bay Times

" Her service as U.S. senator and secretary of state—and the many hits she has taken simply because she bears the name Clinton—have forged a steely and calm approach that makes her more presidential than Sanders. ... Clinton's nomination by Democrats would say much about how far the country has come on gender, but ultimately she is simply the better candidate—by far—in the Democratic race."San Antonio Express-News

Read the full Dallas Morning News, Tampa Bay Times, and San Antonio Express-News endorsements.

Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - A Few of the Largest Newspapers in Florida and Texas Just Endorsed Hillary Clinton. Here's Why Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/317454

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