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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - Campaign Memo: Strengths of Hillary Emerging

June 11, 2007

To: Interested Parties

From: Mark Penn, Chief Strategist

Date: June 11, 2007

Re: Strengths of Hillary Emerging

The public polls taken following last week's Democratic debate in New Hampshire are now being reported on.

Hillary's strength as a leader is emerging in the face-to-face forums and in that debate. Today's WMUR/CNN poll is the second post-debate poll to give Hillary a commanding lead in New Hampshire -- at 39% for Hillary Clinton to 24% for Obama and 14% for Edwards.

Hillary Clinton is up 9 points from their previous poll and this trend follows a Franklin Pierce poll done earlier in the week that had similar results and which showed her as overwhelmingly winning the debate.

What makes this so important is that when the candidates are on the same stage, Hillary Clinton's strengths as a leader clearly emerge. They are reshaping the dynamic of the race because those appearances emphasize the qualities that the next president will need to be ready to implement a program of change.

While each of the candidates has introduced themselves to the voters of New Hampshire, this was the first major televised event in New Hampshire that let the voters see the candidates unfiltered for two straight hours.

The poll also shows that most voters consider her the most electable of the potential Democratic challengers.

This poll comes after several other national polls (Fox/Opinion Dynamics, AP) showing her holding a double-digit lead nationally. Some commentators have then said we should instead look at the state by state numbers as more important and today's poll shows how those numbers can change after they see all the candidates and how there is a big upside for Senator Clinton when they get a chance to compare the candidates on the issues.

The latest CNN/WMUR New Hampshire poll shows Hillary Clinton dramatically increasing her lead in the Democratic primary, and also demonstrates that she is seen as the strongest leader and the most electable Democrat.

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