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Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - America's Mayors Applaud Hillary Clinton's "Solutions For Safe & Secure Communities Now" Plan

April 11, 2008

Mayor Ron V. Dellums

Oakland, CA

Sen. Clinton has displayed a profound understanding of the root causes of crime and violence, and I commend her commitment to coordinating efforts at the federal, state, and local levels to better serve local communities. The weight of this ongoing tragedy of crime and violence gives context to the urgency of this issue. This is a multi-dimensional problem that requires a multi-dimensional response that includes strategies on prevention, intervention, enforcement, and sustainability. I am confident that Sen. Clinton represents the greatest opportunity cities have to expand and strengthen our federal and local partnerships and improve the quality of life for all Americans.

Mayor Willie W. Herenton

Memphis, TN

As our troops honor America with their service abroad, our peace officers in major American cities also need support to keep our neighborhoods safe. Our families want to feel safe in communities where they live, work, learn, recreate, worship, and invest every day. Public safety employees are our ground troops for cities. Restoring COPS and other elements of Sen. Clinton's plan are real solutions in maintaining safe communities. The next President of the United States must keep a watchful eye on issues abroad and our homeland.

Sen. Clinton's plan for safe communities extends beyond these good public safety initiatives. In Memphis, some youth are at high risk of turning to crime and lack many resources that are proven protection from such risk. Her Presidential candidacy also speaks to reducing poverty, high-school drop rates, unemployment, and family violence. As an advocate for the Children's Defense Fund, she understands these issues. We must help our youth to develop life plans that inspire and give promise for tomorrow. This is what we must do today.

Mayor Douglas H. Palmer

Trenton, NJ

I strongly support and applaud Sen. Clinton's comprehensive plan to reduce crime, which will make our cities safer for families and children. I particularly commend her for including in her plan an issue that is important to Trenton and other cities – the issue of how to help former inmates find steady jobs after their release and avoid returning to prison.

Recently, the United States Conference of Mayors, of which I am privileged to serve as president, convened a meeting to address this crisis of mass incarceration and prisoner relapse. Sen. Clinton's plan to create a $1 billion "Closing the Prison Revolving Door" competitive grant is a big step in the right direction to reducing the number of repeat offenders and reducing the prison population, while cutting crime in our communities. I support her ideas of reforming states' parole systems and drug diversion programs, providing productive in-prison programs for inmates, and providing meaningful services and economic opportunities for ex-offenders.

Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa

Los Angeles, CA

Hillary Clinton has the right priorities and the right plan to make our communities safer.

She understands that the federal government needs to invest more in local law enforcement and less in a wasteful war overseas.

In Los Angeles, Chief William Bratton and I have made reducing gang violence our number one priority. I commend Sen. Clinton for making it an important part of her plan, and I strongly support her Gang Reduction Grant program, which will help cities like Los Angeles fight gangs and reduce violent crime.

There is a growing consensus in Los Angeles and cities across the nation that we need to change the way we reduce gang violence, and I am encouraged that Sen. Clinton's plan will empower cities to tailor their anti-gang programs based on their specific needs. Gang violence affects all members of our society – families, schools, faith organizations, community organizations – and we must all work together to reduce it.

Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Release - America's Mayors Applaud Hillary Clinton's "Solutions For Safe & Secure Communities Now" Plan Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/292956

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