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Hickenlooper Campaign Press Release - John Hickenlooper to California Dems: "Socialism is Not the Answer"

June 01, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Today, at 2:45 PT, Governor John Hickenlooper will join other Democratic presidential candidates in addressing the California Democratic Party Convention. In his remarks, the Governor will urge Democrats to distance themselves from socialism, expanding on comments he made earlier this week on NPR's Morning Edition (full interview) and to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow (full interview).

Hickenlooper will specifically make the argument that not only is pragmatic progressivism necessary to defeat Donald Trump, but it is also the only way to bring about real progressive change.

"....if we want to beat Donald Trump and achieve big progressive goals, socialism is not the answer. I was reelected in a purple state in 2014 – one of the worst years for Democrats in a quarter of a century. I was one of only two Democrats to win a swing state that year. And, as Governor, I worked with non-profits and business. With Democrats and Republicans. And, we achieved big progressive results! Today, Colorado has near universal health care. We have the number one economy in the country for three consecutive years. We will be the first state with broadband in every city and town. We were the first purple state to beat the NRA with universal background checks and magazine limits. We were the first state to force the oil and gas industry to stop methane emissions. We made Denver one of the first cities in the nation to have universal pre-k."

The Governor will also outline his pragmatic, progressive vision for the country.

"Now, being a pragmatist doesn't mean saying 'no' to bold ideas; it means knowing how to make them happen. We shouldn't try to achieve universal coverage by removing private insurance from over a hundred million Americans. We shouldn't try to tackle climate change by guaranteeing every American a government job. But we as the Democratic Party do have to present a vision. I want to give Americans a reason to look forward to tomorrow. As President, I will make healthcare a right, not a privilege with a real public option. I will tackle climate change with a laser focus. I will once and for all take on the NRA and have universal background checks on all gun sales. I will stop ignoring the two-thirds of Americans who don't have a 4-year degree and make the largest expansion in community college and skills training in American history. I will protect a woman's fundamental right to control her own body. And we will expand access to women's healthcare and family planning to every woman in America – especially those in rural or low-income areas."

John Hickenlooper, Hickenlooper Campaign Press Release - John Hickenlooper to California Dems: "Socialism is Not the Answer" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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