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Harris Campaign Press Release - What They're Saying in Iowa About Kamala Harris at the MSNBC Debate in Atlanta

November 20, 2019

Iowans Agree: Kamala Harris Was "On Fire" Tonight

Harris was stand-out candidate for women and families

Tonight, Iowans gathered at over 50 debate watch parties across the state to cheer on Kamala Harris. In answer after answer, Harris stood out on a crowded stage and stood up for justice. She showed she could go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump and clearly laid out her plans to rebuild and re-energize the Obama coalition. She effectively outlined how she will fight for women and families, restore our place on the international stage, tackle the injustices against black women - challenging the Democratic party to show up for them - and showed she is the right person to take on Trump.

Iowans praised her forceful performance, with many saying she was "on fire," and others pointing to her ability to be "the one who can stand up to Trump and unify our country," and applauding her highlighting of "the issues that affect women every single day."

Here are some of the early reviews from Harris precinct captains and caucusgoers across Iowa:

  • Penny Rosfjord, Iowa Democratic Party SCC member and former Woodbury County Democrats Chair, Sioux City: "Kamala knows that justice is on the ballot. Whether it be her time as District Attorney, Attorney General, in the Senate, or on the debate stage, she has always fought for those who can't fight for themselves. And as president she will stand up not for any one group, but for the people."
  • Jazmin Newton-Butt, Iowa LULAC Deputy State Director, Davenport: "I'm not surprised that it takes a woman to highlight the issues that affect women every single day. As Kamala said tonight, her paid leave plan reflects that it is women who have to stay home to care for parents and children. And today, on Latina Equal Pay Day, her plan to address gender pay inequities gave a voice to Latinas and all women in this country."
  • Jean Hessburg, Iowa Democratic Party Women's Caucus Chair, Des Moines: "KAMALA HARRIS FOR THE PEOPLE; speaks to all of us; for all of us; with all of us. Yes."
  • Ross Wilburn, State Representative, Ames: "Enthusiastic about @KamalaHarris being #ForThePeople! The campaign announced that organizers and volunteers have knocked over 200,000 doors in Iowa since August alone. Keep it rolling #KHive"
  • Shawn Harmsen, Iowa City: "'Donald Trump got punked.' Harris nails 45's foreign policy in four words."
  • Paul Esker, Iowa City: "Kamala Harris is on FIRE in this #DemDebate"
  • Tom Fisher, Des Moines: "Yes, Trump got punked by Kim Jong Un. Now listen to the rest of Kamala Harris's answer – she is the only candidate who serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee and knows her way around a foreign policy debate. One of the reasons to pick her to prosecute Trump: Foreign policy justice is on the ballot, too."
  • Rebecca Taylor, West Des Moines: "Kamala is on fire tonight. She's laying down what she believes in and her plans to address the injustices that exist in our country."
  • Lucas Halvorson, Iowa City: "I'm supporting Kamala Harris because she's the candidate who really advocates for giving all people a fair shot. I think what we just heard about women is a small sample of who she authentically is."
  • Rena Philp, Mount Pleasant: "Kamala Harris showed us tonight that she is the one who can stand up to Trump and unify our country."
  • Maria James, Des Moines: "She has the ideas, she has the beliefs and she has the background to make things happen."
  • Rowan Collins, Decorah: "The difference is that Kamala's actually done all this stuff. Just look at how she's speaking on it, from actual experience."
  • Allison Graham, Toledo: "Kamala is on fire tonight! She has this laser focus look in her eyes and I'm here for it!"
  • Randa Wall, Casey: "She is discussing problems that everyday Americans are facing and talking about how to fix those issues in a realistic manner."
  • Lauren Holst, Cedar Falls: "After that answer about North Korea, it's so clear who should be President – and it's Kamala Harris."
  • Linda Harvan, Dubuque: "She's given clear, concise, strong answers."
  • Heather Holm, Hampton: "This is awesome. She's nailed it every time!"
  • Nancy Bleuer, Clear Lake: "She has always worked for the disadvantaged her entire life and I just love her!"

Harris will return to Iowa later this week for a meet and greet on Friday, November 22 in Muscatine and on Saturday, November 23 in Washington. She will also spend Thanksgiving week with her family in Iowa, engaging with caucusgoers throughout the holiday.

Kamala Harris, Harris Campaign Press Release - What They're Saying in Iowa About Kamala Harris at the MSNBC Debate in Atlanta Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/365395

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