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Harris Campaign Press Release - What They're Saying About Kamala Harris at the CNN Debate in Ohio

October 16, 2019

Debate Four Reviews Are In: Kamala Delivered Another Commanding Performance

"Best night," "Speaks truth to power", "On Fire" and "Presidential"

In the fourth Democratic debate, Senator Kamala Harris once again delivered a commanding performance, and took the fight directly to Donald Trump by reminding Democratic voters that justice is on the ballot in this election – from economic justice to health care justice to tax justice and more.

Reporters, pundits, activists, and elected officials agree that Kamala Harris owned the stage and delivered an incredibly strong debate performance.

Read some of the early reviews below:

  • Vox: Kamala Harris brought up the most-ignored policy issue in the Democratic debates so far
  • Glamour: Kamala Harris Takes a Stand for Women's Reproductive Rights at the Democratic Debate
  • NY Times: Harris calls for more debate questions on reproductive rights: 'People need to keep their hands off of women's bodies'
  • Los Angeles Times: Kamala Harris slams Republicans on abortion, says they're killing poor women of color
  • Raw Story: Kamala Harris comes out swinging for abortion rights: 'People need to keep their hands off of women's bodies'
  • Huffington Post: Kamala Harris Declares 'Women Will Die' If Reproductive Rights Aren't Protected
  • Elite Daily: Kamala Harris' Comment About Reproductive Rights At The Oct. 15 Debate Is Pure Fire
  • Huffington Post: Kamala Harris Makes Blistering Case For Twitter To Ban Donald Trump
  • Former United States Senator, Claire McCaskill: "[Kamala] was on fire last night.
  • Valerie Jarrett, former senior Obama advisor: Thank goodness at the Democratic Presidential Debate @KamalaHarris raised the importance of protecting a woman's right to chose which is under threat. Democratic need to unify behind the protection of women's rights!
  • Nicolle Wallace, MSNBC Host: "I love love love that she refuses to lower the bar for Donald Trump...I think all those points right there are spot on."
  • Karine Jean-Pierre, NBC and MSNBC political analyst: "She had a very strong night...I think Harris had a really strong night tonight. I think what we saw from her is, you know we saw from her during the Kavanaugh hearings and the Judiciary Committee. and you almost saw that Kamala Harris on stage."
  • Dave Weigel, Washington Post Reporter-"Rank and file Dems are a little exhausted by the M4A debate -- Harris probably had the most effective response, the "seriously this again and not abortion access?" stuff"
  • Pramila Jayapal, WA Congresswoman- ".@KamalaHarris is 100% right: pharma execs are nothing more than 'high-level dope dealers.'
  • Terrell Star, The Root-"Kamala Harris had the best night tonight. #DemDebate"
  • Planned Parenthood Action-"@KamalaHarris speaks truth to power about reproductive health and rights — and about abortion bans that have been decimating care across the country. "It's not an exaggeration to say that women will die, poor women, women of color will die." #AskAboutAbortion #DemDebate"
  • Sarah Silverman, Comedian-"Thank you @KamalaHarris how are we not talking more about women's motherfucking autonomy #DemDebate"
  • Patrica Cohen, NY Times- "Harris is framing the abortion issue as fundamental issue of justice."
  • Wajahat Ali, NY Times Op-ed Writer- "I agree with Kamala Harris that Trump's twitter account should be shut down. Based on Twitter's own terms and conditions, the man has violated it them for years."
  • Zerlina Maxwell, MSNBC contributor: Kamala had a great debate as well and spoke for many of us who are terrified by the president's use of twitter to spread hate and incite violence. If you're a person targeted by this rhetoric it's not a side issue for you!
  • Charles Ghoulba, Health care analyst-".@KamalaHarris not getting tons of time but she seems to be kicking ass when she does. 'High-end drug dealers'"
  • Samantha Bee, comedian-"Kamala Harris for sure says herstory instead of history and we're her for it. #DemDebate"
  • Antjuan Seawright, Democratic strategist-"Smart @KamalaHarris ! Package it plain and simple for people at home with a story that people can relate to"
  • Jean Hessburg, Iowa Democratic Party Women's Caucus Chair, Des Moines: "WE LOVE YOU KAMALA!!! Reproductive Justice! The ONLY person to raise this issue in 6 debates #DemocraticDebate #KHive @KamalaHarris #ForThePeople #IACaucus"
  • Penny Rosfjord, Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee member, Sioux City: "Thank you @KamalaHarris for talking about women's healthcare!! #ForThePeople"
  • Mariah McKenna, Dubuque: "I'm so happy that Kamala Harris, my future president, talked about my reproductive rights because I believe no man should have the right to my body."
  • Stephen Sperry, President of the Oconee County Democrats: "I would say that this was [Kamala Harris'] strongest debate. I felt she was very comfortable in her positions and how she presented herself tonight. She was very thoughtful... She had a very strong position on women's rights and dealing with it from a health angle was I thought a very smart way of going tonight. I thought that made her stand out."
  • Glenna Broughton, a teacher from Summerville: "[Kamala Harris] is doing an amazing job tonight. She's speaking to people young and old. I support her because, as an educator, every time I've seen her -- I've seen her in small town South Carolina and the South Carolina Democratic Convention -- she speaks to what the average run-of-the-mill person wants. She wants education to be a priority, she wants us to be able to afford to educate our children, and be able to care for our parents in their old age."
  • CA Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins: "Kamala Harris was presidential on that stage tonight. It is truly outrageous that womens' rights haven't been at the forefront of this primary, and I'm eternally grateful to Kamala for forcing people to pay attention. She has always been an advocate for the vulnerable and voiceless, and tonight was no different. She gave women, middle class families, and everyone who has been victimized by this presidency and big corporations, a seat at the table.
  • LaNiece Jones, Leader of Black Women Organized for Political Action: "Kamala was on fire tonight. As an Oaklander, I was proud to see her stand up for abortion rights for women who do not have access to reproductive care in other states. We'll continue to organize for Kamala, because she is the best candidate to take on and beat Trump."
  • CA Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo: "Kamala's performance tonight was commanding, sharp, and powerful. She made it clear that as President, she will not back down from the most challenging issues we face. Kamala is going to fight for universal healthcare, gun safety, reproductive freedom, and economic justice, and there is no leader I trust more to secure all that she pursues."
  • Devon Reese, city councilman, Reno: "Senator Harris connected in tonight's debate in a powerful way — she spoke to restoring hope in our American institutions and to improving the quality of life for all Americans. She was incredibly strong and decisive."
  • Senator Spearman: @KamalaHarris' closing statement was incredibly moving and a vivid personification of the American Dream.#DemDebate
  • Paprika Pink: Kamala hasn't had a lot of time to talk, but at this debate party every time she speaks the room falls silent and all eyes turn to the screen. And then there's applause. #DemDebate
  • The Honorable Jackie Weatherspoon, Co-Chair of the NHDP African American Caucus: "I agree with Kamala: justice is absolutely on the ballot in this election. Kamala's record of taking on big fights and winning is exactly what we need in this moment. She has shown her ability to take Trump and his associates who think the law doesn't apply to them to task, and I know Kamala will expertly prosecute the case against four more years of this horrible president."
  • State Representative Patty Cornel, Vice Chair of the Manchester Democrats: "Tonight's debate made clear yet again that Kamala is absolutely the best candidate to beat Trump. She not only has always fought for what's right, but she's always taken on battles on behalf of the people. This experience shows she's uniquely positioned to shine a light on Trump's unpatriotic misdeeds and take him to task for his abuse of power."
  • State Representative Joelle Martin: "Kamala's strength was palpable tonight. She clearly explained how she is going to move the country forward through her clear-eyed and realistic proposals. She's not all talk -- she has a record to back it up. For her entire career, Kamala has fought and won on behalf of the people in need, and I know she will do the same as president."
  • Dartmouth student leader Kos Twum: "Kamala has always been an extremely strong advocate for women, and tonight was no exception. She brought up issues that others wouldn't, and discussed her strong record and plans to fight for women. That is the leadership we need."
  • Political activist Dean Barker: "No matter what the topic on that crowded debate stage, Kamala Harris cut through the clutter and demonstrated the leadership and strength needed to take on Mr. Trump. She confirmed for me tonight that she would be our strongest nominee for the general election."

Kamala Harris, Harris Campaign Press Release - What They're Saying About Kamala Harris at the CNN Debate in Ohio Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/365410

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