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Harris Campaign Press Release - What People Are Saying About Kamala Harris at the Second Democratic Debate

August 01, 2019

The Reviews Are In: Kamala Harris Delivers Commanding Performance at Second Debate

"Strong," "Powerful", "Dominated" are just some of the reviews after another great debate

Last night, Senator Kamala Harris delivered another commanding debate performance, focusing on the issues that keep people up at night, and once again proving she's the best candidate to prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump.

Harris dove deep into the issues and focused on her 3AM Agenda that will have a direct and immediate impact on everyday Americans' lives. She emphasized the need for equal pay and holding businesses accountable for paying employees unfairly. She took on Trump's reckless trade policy harming American farmers, and she made the case for why her Medicare for All plan is the best way to ensure universal coverage.

By focusing on policy and calling out Trump for his broken promises to American families, Harris did exactly what the voters are looking for: she demonstrated why she is the best candidate to beat Donald Trump.

Here's what people are saying after Harris' successful debate night:

  • Robert Garcia, Mayor of Long Beach, CA: Kamala Harris is the candidate who can make clear arguments and take tough questions from anyone. She can take the heat and look poised while doing it. She's the candidate to take on Donald Trump
  • Mike Memoli, NBC News: Harris has one of the clearer hits on Trump record not matching his campaign rhetoric
  • Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL: Kamala Harris calls out the predator in the White House in a very compelling way. She really knows how to make the case.
  • Joe Garofoli, San Francisco Chronicle: Harris with a strong general election argument against Trump: He let people down -- especially the people who voted for him.
  • Paul Begala, Democratic strategist: Kamala Harris's closing is chilling. Usually these statements are formulaic. Hers is so powerful. Trump as a predator will ring true to many Democrats.
  • Charlotte Clymer, communications at the Human Rights Campaign: Kamala Harris hit the pay inequality question out of the park. Perfect.
  • Bradley Whitford, actor: Strong close by @KamalaHarris
  • Mo Elleithee, former DNC communications director: Harris with a powerful close.
  • Charlotte Clymer, communications at the Human Rights Campaign: Kamala Harris is having a very strong second half. I would say better than anyone.
  • DJ Jackson, South Carolina Faith Leader: Kamala Harris is looking to fix the health care crisis. Her plan for Medicare-for-All will ensure South Carolinians receive universal coverage WITHOUT raising middle class taxes, what's to argue about?
  • Pramila Jayapal, United States Congresswoman from Washington: Thank you Kamala Harris for raising the Hyde Amendment. We must repeal it. Period. Full stop. We should never have allowed it to become law to start with.
  • Kevin de Leon, CA Senate President pro Tempore Emeritus: Can we just skip to the part where Kamala Harris shows Trump what it means to be a President that fights For The People? She's ready.
  • Natasha Korecki, Politico: Kamala Harris in her element on this question about the Mueller Report.
  • Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL: A conversation about the urgent need to repeal Hyde on stage at Democratic Debate is so important for a party that relies on women, especially women of color, to prevail. Glad to hear it; Thx to Kamala Harris for raising it and thx to all for who fight fir reproductive freedom!
  • Lauren Rankin, reproductive rights activist: Thank you, Kamala Harris, for calling out Joe Biden's egregious defense and support of the discriminatory Hyde Amendment, which bars low-income women from exercising their constitutional right to a safe, legal abortion.
  • Wajahat Ali, opinion writer at the New York Times: Kamala bringing all the receipts about unequal pay for women, mentioning black women and native American women as well. Talking about fining corporations.
  • Sarah Silverman, activist and entertainer: Kamala's plan for equal pay is RIGHT ON

Reviews from the Early Primary States:

  • Alexandra Rucinski, Women's Health Activist - "Kamala Harris' Medicare for All plan is the health care plan that Iowans want and she showed she can defend it from attacks on both sides."
  • Kelli Emerson, Bettendorf, IA - "I think her closing statement said it all. She is the one who can prosecute the case against Donald Trump and begin to repair the damage he has done. That's why I'm all in."
  • Rep. Phyllis Thede, Davenport, IA - "Kamala is a fighter she will prevail no matter how tough it gets. She exhibited strength and tenacity. Her fierce fight and stage presence gives the American people a real sense of how President Harris will help all of us succeed."
  • Vanessa Phelan, Northwest Des Moines Democrats Chair - "Thank you for talking about the pay gap in the #DemDebate, @KamalaHarris! It's a big issue for so many families. She brought women into the conversation #ForThePeople. Go get more info: kamalaharris.org/equalpay/"
  • Amber Gustufson, Small Business Owner and Gun Sense Advocate, Ankeny, IA - "SO grateful that Kamala Harris brought choice and reproductive rights to the debate stage tonight! Without her, this issue that is so important to women and families would have been ignored for two full nights."
  • Randa Wall, Middle School Teacher, Panora, IA - "I support Kamala Harris because she's going to support and fight for teachers!"
  • Former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Joe Keefe, Portsmouth: "Kamala Harris proved once again tonight that is the very best candidate to beat Donald Trump in the general election. Her 3AM agenda is exactly what Granite Staters need -- real and concrete solutions to our pressing problems. Her unique talent, toughness, and clear moral compass were on full display, and I'm so proud to support her."
  • State Representative Patty Cornell, Vice Chair of the Manchester Democrats, Manchester: "As I have said before, @KamalaHarris is the real deal. Tonight, she showed a mastery of important issues and once again proved that she has what it takes to take on Donald Trump. I especially applaud her for bringing issues to the front like the Hyde Amendment and choice. Her fearlessness was on display in full form, and I can't wait to see her in the general election."
  • Jack Buckley, Former Mayor of Dover, NH: "Kamala dominated on the debate stage tonight. She clearly laid out her agenda, which is focused on actually having a direct impact on the issues that matter to most Americans. She also showed, yet again, that she has exactly what it takes to beat Donald Trump in the general election."
  • The Hon. Jackie Weatherspoon, Exeter: "Kamala Harris is fearless, and showing tonight once again that she can take on Donald Trump, told us she would."
  • Tracy Brown-May, Disability Advocate, Las Vegas: "As an advocate for people with disabilities most of my life – and professionally for the last 18 years -- I have never seen a candidate for president focus on disability-specific issues the way Kamala has. While we haven't seen issues that affect members of the disability community make it to the debate stage, she has made Americans with disabilities a priority in her campaign, and as president it is clear she will stand up for all Americans."
  • Andy Maggi, Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League: "We have a President peddling science fiction instead of science fact - good line from @KamalaHarris We must have and adopt a green new deal - better line from @KamalaHarris"
  • Rebecca Katz, former communications director for Sen. Harry Reid: [On Kamala's performance tonight] "I would argue her brand is looking presidential and I think that's coming across."
  • Tiffany Gamble, Vice Chair of the Horry County Democratic Party said: "@KamalaHarris knows that criminal justice reform is important which is why she became a prosecutor. I'm done with candidates who have no record of protecting Black and brown people attacking her for making hard decisions and leading on criminal justice reform.
  • DJ Jackson, South Carolina Faith Leader said: "@KamalaHarris has been opposed to the death penalty her entire life. She stood up to enormous political pressure in order to maintain that position. She's right and she's the moral leader we need."
  • Gun rights activist, Reverend Sharon Risher: " YES, @KamalaHarris, let's throw away these Republican talking points and bring Democrats together under the umbrella of universal health care."
  • Susan Riordan, co-founder of Emerge South Carolina: "@KamalaHarris is fighting for the 100,000 South Carolinians without health insurance. Joe Biden is basically chanting 'Better things aren't possible'. I'm proud to back the fighter and leader in this race."

Kamala Harris, Harris Campaign Press Release - What People Are Saying About Kamala Harris at the Second Democratic Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/365404

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