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Harris Campaign Press Release - What Iowa Caucusgoers Are Saying About Kamala Harris at Tonight's Debate

June 27, 2019

Iowans Agree: Kamala Harris Dominated at Debate

Iowa Caucusgoers Highlight Kamala Harris' Tangible Solutions to Pressing Problems and Why She Is Best Candidate to Beat Trump

Caucusgoers from across Iowa agree: Senator Kamala Harris dominated at tonight's debate and showed why she is the best candidate to prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump.

Tonight on the debate stage, Harris outlined her plan to deliver real, tangible solutions for the challenges American families face. Her entire agenda - a "3AM Agenda" as she called it - is about finding solutions for the issues that wake people up at night and taking action to make their lives better.

Harris will be back in Iowa July 3 - 5 to discuss her 3 AM Agenda. She will visit Des Moines, Indianola, Council Bluffs, and Sioux City.

Here are some early reviews from caucusgoers and reporters across Iowa:

Zach Wahls, Iowa State Senator, Johnson County - "Harris is on fire tonight."

Barbara Rodriguez, Des Moines Register - ".@KamalaHarris had a very good night, and I think Iowans will be excited to see her in the state next week. #iacaucus"

Vicky Brenner, Former Candidate for State Senate - "Harris had probably one of the best responses in the first ten minutes," Brenner said. "It's so hard with this many people on stage."

Prakash Kopparapu, Chair of the Iowa Asian and Latino Coalition - "My first comment of Day 2 - 'Thank you Sen. Harris' ... I almost changed channel.... She might have saved the viewership…"

Josh Hughes, School Board Member - "Strong answer from @KamalaHarris on immigration & the border. Easy to see her courtroom chops shining through."

Ginny Davis, Waukee, IA Teacher - "I'm caucusing for kamala harris because i think it's time, we need a woman in the White House to fight for women's issues. I'm also a teacher, and Senator Harris is pro-teacher all the way. And I know she's going to beat Donald Trump."

Judy Stevens, Fairfield, IA - "She related everything so personally and paints a very engaging picture."

Sara C., Fort Dodge, IA - "When I saw Kamala questioning Brett Kavanaugh, I said she should be the next President. Tonight after the debate, that choice was sealed for me. Im all for Kamala. "

Gabi Watkins, 21 Des Moines, IA - "I had my doubts about Kamala going into things, but she's proved to be both well-spoken and thoughtful," Watkins said. "Her comments on immigration and deportation of undocumented innocents especially caught my attention."

Kamala Harris, Harris Campaign Press Release - What Iowa Caucusgoers Are Saying About Kamala Harris at Tonight's Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/365402

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