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Haley Campaign Press Release - WEILER: 'I Relieve You' — What America Needs In Our Next Commander-In-Chief

December 07, 2023

Daily Caller by Tom Weiler

"I am ready to be relieved. 

"I relieve you."

As a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy for 20 years, I had the honor of relieving the watch and turning over the watch hundreds of times as we conducted missions vital to our national security around the globe. I learned quickly that not all watches are the same, and that the state of affairs of the submarine at the time of turnover largely determines what will be required of the new team that takes the watch.

America's next commander-in-chief will relieve the watch in an incredibly perilous time for our country. President Joe Biden will turn over to our next president a dangerous world. We have Europe's largest war since WWII raging in Ukraine, a Middle Eastern conflict on the verge of engulfing the region and a Pacific theater on the cusp of military conflict with China. The world has rarely been a more dangerous place, and America's position is the weakest it's been since Dec. 6, 1941.

America needs a commander-in-chief who has the moral clarity to know good from evil, the pragmatic experience to get things done, and the human touch to bring America together. Nikki Haley is the right person for the job.

Nikki Haley is the one person running for president who has consistently shown moral clarity. She identifies the threats to America (China, Russia, an open border and Iran all top the list), and displays an authentic understanding of the actions required to strengthen our national security. Haley has made it clear that as commander-in-chief, she will confront the present crises while positioning America to ensure tomorrow's security. 

As the wife of a deployed soldier, she feels today's dangers. Nikki Haley knows appeasement, cash, and whispers will not deter an evil actor like Iran from attacking our troops. Strength and action are required. She understands the most consequential issue that our next president will navigate is whether or not we end up in a war with China. Haley appreciates that a war with China is not going to be decided by tanks on a battlefield in Taiwan or even by an aircraft carrier in the Western Pacific. She has articulated that war with China will ultimately be determined (and, God willing, deterred) in the space, cyber, AI, and undersea domains. Americans cannot afford to elect a leader who will get this issue wrong.

Americans feel the uncertainty and danger present in the world today. Seventy-eight percent of U.S. adults believe their children's generation will be worse off than theirs. That means 78 percent of Americans believe that we are leading our kids in the wrong direction. How did this happen? America is the greatest country this world has ever experienced. We are the most generous, the most diverse, the most advanced, the richest in natural resources, and the most sought-after country to live in — the land of freedom and opportunity. Yet, even with all that, 78 percent of Americans feel we are on a downward path.

Are we really willing to turn over to our children a country in decline and a world that is less safe than we experienced? Not on Nikki's watch.

Nikki Haley knows America's national security is not just a campaign talking point to dust off every four years. Our nation's security is the foundation upon which Americans build their lives and dreams. America is in desperate need of a new leader, a new leader from a new generation with a new vision of America for Americans. A leader ready to lead, ready to unite, and ready to right the ship on day one.

Governor Nikki Haley has led. She led South Carolina to become an economic beast, bringing a record number of jobs, investments, and educational opportunities to her state.

Ambassador Nikki Haley has united. She went head-to-head with the world's worst dictators to build coalitions at the UN to hold China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea accountable.

Mrs. Haley is ready to take the helm and steer our America back on course. She feels what American families are feeling, she understands American's dissatisfaction, and she knows how to win.

President Nikki Haley will "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States" and reignite the spirit of the American Dream.

Tom Weiler is a 20-year veteran of the Submarine Force. He completed multiple submarine and aircraft carrier deployments across the INDO-PACIFIC and Middle East, as well as tours at the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, Pacific Fleet, and US European Command. His is a graduate of Notre Dame, Harvard, Old Dominion, and National Defense University. Following retirement from the Navy, he ran for U.S. Congress in 2022 in Minnesota-03 and is now a national security professional.

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - WEILER: 'I Relieve You' — What America Needs In Our Next Commander-In-Chief Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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