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Haley Campaign Press Release - VIDEO: Energy Security Is National Security

June 13, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Last week, presidential candidate Nikki Haley released her plan to unleash American energy, boost American production, and create American jobs at an oil rig in Stanton, Texas. Watch a recap of her visit below.

President Nikki Haley will unleash American energy by:

  1. Stopping the demonization of the oil and gas industries, and empowering American producers to produce more at home.
  2. Getting the government out of the way.
  3. Speeding up permitting and building of interstate pipelines and making sure the EPA and radical environmental groups do not stop new energy projects.
  4. Rolling back Biden's wasteful green energy subsidies and regulations.
  5. Standing up to energy dictators in Russia, Iran, and Venezuela.

Nikki Haley on CNBC

Hot Air's Karen Townsend: "I'm with Nikki. Oil drilling rigs are beautiful. She is right about Joe Biden demonizing American energy...The Haley campaign put out a five-point plan for 'American energy dominance' on Thursday. It includes getting the government out of the way and speeding up the permitting process for pipelines. Haley said that standing up to energy dictators in Russia, Iran, and Venezuela is critical. She's right." (Hot Air, 6/9/23)

Midland Reporter-Telegram's Ben Shaffer: "'Biden comes in with a heavy fist,'" Haley said. 'He puts on heavy regulations (on energy companies); he starts to suppress permitting; he worries more about endangered species. I think he cares more about sagebrush lizards than he does about what it's doing to the American family.'" (Midland Reporter-Telegram, 6/8/23)

The Daily Mail's Kelly Laco: "2024 GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley has slammed President Biden for 'demonizing' energy producers - and has vowed to return the U.S. to world dominance by making the nation energy independent." (The Daily Mail, 6/8/23)

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