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Haley Campaign Press Release - Trump's GOP: The "Get Out" Party

March 02, 2024

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Reports out of the Missouri Caucus today show how the Republican Party under Donald Trump has become a shrinking party that bullies and rejects anyone who doesn't take the MAGA oath of allegiance.

After switching from a primary to a caucus, caucus leaders intimidated and tried to shut down Haley supporters at multiple caucus sites. There are even reports of Trump minions forcing Haley supporters to line up in the middle of the gym where they were booed and jeered at.

More out of Missouri:

@SchmidtOpinions: Caucused for @NikkiHaley in Missouri today. Made to feel intimated and scared for standing up for what's right. Haley supporters were told to line up 2 x 2 in the middle of the floor of the gym, while Trump's supporters, who are also our neighbors, booed at Nikki's candidacy.

@FPWellman: I have a friend who attended the Missouri Republican Presidential Caucus today. They asked Nikki Haley supporters to line up in the middle of the auditorium and were booed and screamed at by the Trump supporters. They attacked fellow Republicans. Feel like democracy to you?

@Primary_Pivot: If this is true, it is horrifying. Many of us grew up in Missouri. They changed the primary to a caucus to give all delegates to Trump. Missouri was once a bell-weather state. Now it is a bastion of dictatorship. This is the Republican Party under Trump.

@AP4Liberty: Nikki Haley supporters gather in the corner vs the Trump supporters in the seats. #missouri #caucus

@JRosenbum: Clean sweep: Donald Trump wins every county — and every delegate up for grabs — at Missouri's GOP caucus. It's the type of event that even the person who wrote the rules says should never happen again (he wants MO to bring the prez primary back):

Spectrum News: Despite delays and infighting, St. Louis County GOP backs Trump

A woman who rose to nominate Haley was heckled by the audience, prompting former Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones, the chair of the event, to threaten to shut it down if the taunts continued. Haley had the support of another woman, Wanda Morgenthaler, of St. Louis County, who carried a sign urging voters to "Dump Trump." She supported him in 2016 in hopes of bringing change to the U.S. Supreme Court, but soured on him during the pandemic. She voted for Biden in 2020 but won't vote for either of them this year if given the choice. "I would hope that more people like me and the people I've been talking with around here because my sign attracts people….I'm hoping that there will be more people in the future primaries that will wake up and will vote for Nikki and that she will ultimately end up being the candidate," Morgenthaler said.

Columbia Missourian: Trump sweeps mid-Missouri in Republicans' first caucus since 2012

No caucusgoers immediately volunteered to make a speech in favor of Haley, highlighting the caucus' pro-Trump atmosphere. Eventually, Seth Christensen, an attorney from Columbia, stood up for Haley. His speech made appeals to family values and the need for younger representation in the Republican Party. Christensen attended the caucus with his family, including his three young children…Christensen was heckled during his speech, with one voice from the crowd asking him, "Are you a Republican?"

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