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Haley Campaign Press Release - Three Days to Go!

February 21, 2024

BEAUFORT, S.C. - With just three days left until the first-in-the-south contest in South Carolina, Nikki Haley isn't wasting a single second. After making it clear that she is committed to giving the American people a true choice in this primary with her defiant speech yesterday, she was back on the road with a media blitz this morning and packed stops in North Augusta and Beaufort.

Here's what they're saying...

A Great Day in North Augusta...

Atlanta Journal Constitution's Patricia Murphy: On the road again in North Augusta, S.C, where @NikkiHaley is holding another rally in her home state after declaring yesterday she's not quitting the race for president. "I'm not going anywhere."

AP's Meg Kinnard: "Saturday is the day we make a decision - do we want more of the same or do we want to go in a new direction?" @NikkiHaley asks this crowd. Big applause for her "I just have 1 more fella I've got to catch up to" line, which is how Haley describes her GOP field staying power.

Atlanta Journal Constitution's Greg Bluestein: "We need more normal people in office." Nikki Haley opens her rally in North Augusta, where a crowd of Georgians from across the river mixes in with the South Carolina audience. (There is a lot of red-and-black gear in the room) #gapol

SCETV's Gavin Jackson: The Haley campaign needs a bigger space for this stop in North Augusta.

Aiken Rep. Bart Blackwell introduced Haley, "We need our president to understand the military, to appreciate and respect the men and women in uniform do for us and Nikki Haley appreciates what they do."

POLITICS's Lisa Kashinsky:?NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. - Standing-room only for Nikki Haley at her event on the Georgia border. Lots of fans in the room from both sides of the state line, but only some of them are able to actually cast ballots for her on Saturday

CNN's Alejandra Jaramillo: "He's obsessed with himself, and we need somebody who is obsessed about the American people." - Nikki Haley talks about Trump at a rally in North Augusta, SC bus stop tour.

Atlanta Journal Constitution's Patricia Murphy: Haley says she likes state Rep. Bart Blackwell, who introduced her, "because he's normal. We need normal in public service." The biggest applause lines are her idea for mental competency tests for people over 75 running for president.

...And A Beautiful Night in Beaufort

SCETV's Gavin Jackson: "We needed Nikki Haley in the governor's office. We needed Nikki Haley in the United Nations. And today we need Nikki Haley in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!" 14th Solicitor Duffie Stone introducing Nikki Haley at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in Beaufort this evening.

NPR's Sarah McCammon: "We're surrounded by hate. We're surrounded by division," @NikkiHaley says in Beaufort, SC, making the argument that she could bring normalcy to the White House: "Our kids deserve to know what it's like to be normal."

AP's Meg Kinnard: "I'm not going anywhere," @NikkiHaley closes out by telling this Beaufort crowd, to big cheers. "Well, I am going somewhere after SC - the next day, I'm going to Michigan & then we're going to Super Tuesday states," she adds.

Fox News' Paul Steinhauser: 2024 Watch-Now: @FoxNews covers #GOP presidential candidate @NikkiHaley at Beaufort's waterfront park, her second stop today, with three days to go until South Carolina's Republican primary #2024Election #scpol #FoxNews

New York Post's Diana Glebova: Nikki Haley speaks to voters in Beaufort, SC. Trying to get every vote before Saturday.

WABE News' Sam Gringlas: "He says himself he's going to spend more time in a courtroom than on the campaign trail. That's now how you win an election."

"Don't complain about what happens in the General Election if you don't vote in this primary."

@NikkiHaley in Beaufort, SC tonight.

Politico's Lisa Kashinsky: At a waterfront park in Beaufort, South Carolina,

@NikkiHaley mentions Trump said he would encourage Russia "to do whatever the hell they want" to NATO countries that don't pay their fair share of defense.

People in the crowd gasp. "The hell with him!" one man yells @politico

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