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Haley Campaign Press Release - The Tide Rolls Haley's Way

December 07, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. — The morning after the fourth Republican presidential debate, the praise for Nikki Haley's standout performance keeps rolling in.

CNN: Who thinks Christie won the debate? Zero of the eight. Who thinks DeSantis won the debate? One of the eight. Who thinks Haley won the debate? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Who thinks Rana Swamy won the debate? Zero.

New York Post: Despite taking the bulk of the attacks from her three rivals on stage in Alabama, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was again the standout performer in Wednesday night's fourth Republican primary debate, The Post's panel of political experts agreed.

Joel Pollack, Breitbart: @NikkiHaley wins the debate by being sane.

New York Times: The former U.N. ambassador seems poised to become Donald J. Trump's principal rival in the Republican primary.

Hugh Hewitt: "Iran, China and Russia want to destroy the west." @NikkiHaley brings the clarity.

Alice Stewart, CNN: I will bring "no drama, no vendetta, and no whining" - great final message by @NikkiHaley #GOPDebate

Washington Post: The winners and losers of the fourth Republican debate

Nikki Haley: Wednesday's night faceoff was essentially the end of the semifinals for Haley and DeSantis as they battle for a distant second place to Trump in Iowa, which will hold the first nominating contest of the on Jan. 15. Haley was repeatedly the prime target of both DeSantis and Ramaswamy, but she once again held her own.

Time Magazine: In Fourth GOP Debate, DeSantis Fades as Haley Rises

New York Times: Nikki Haley's Moment

Axios: Nikki Haley treated like a front-runner.

Wall Street Journal: Nikki Haley was the star of the fourth debate both on stage and on Google. The former United Nations ambassador and South Carolina governor was the most searched person in the debate.

New York Times: Haley Comes Under Fire: 'I Love the Attention, Fellas'

Wall Street Journal: Nikki Haley: 'You Can't Defeat Democrat Chaos With Republican Chaos'

The Messenger: Nikki Haley Cements Her Second-Place Status

Rising in early state polls of late, Haley was the top target on stage in Alabama on Wednesday night. Haley's strategy: Smile, stay above the fray and let her lower-polling rivals argue among themselves.

American For Prosperity Action: Nikki Haley laid out her differences with Donald Trump in no uncertain terms tonight. No Drama No Vendettas No Whining This is the Positive Vision that will DEFEAT Joe Biden and restore the American Dream! #GOPDebate

David Kochel: On CNN, my home county, Story County, said Nikki Haley won the debate tonight. Missed Steve Scheffler in this Nevada, Iowa focus group.

Scott Jennings, CNN: Haley scored in the CNN post debate Iowa voter panel. #GOPDebate

Antonia Ferrier: Line of the night from @NikkiHaley, "I love all the attention, fellas. Thank you for that." #GOPDebate

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