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Haley Campaign Press Release - The Establishment vs. Nikki Haley

January 25, 2024

CHARLESTON, S.C. – First, Donald Trump threw a temper tantrum in New Hampshire on Tuesday night. Now, Trump's establishment lackeys are pushing for a toothless resolution to deny millions of Republican voters from having a say in the presidential contest.

Here's what people are saying about this hairbrained idea:

Henry Barbour, Mississippi RNC committeeman: It's an awful idea and precedent. Voters should decide and not RNC insiders.

Oscar Brock, Tennessee RNC committeeman: I believe that the RNC is obligated to be neutral arbiters and honest brokers when it comes to running a primary and convention. We can't take sides with candidates, when only 3 percent of the Republican primary voters have voted.

CNN's Scott Jennings: What a stupid idea.

Matt Whitlock: This is a disaster in the making. Roughly 50% of the voters in these first 2 states voted *against* President Trump. If he is going to be the nominee it would be good for Republican voters to see him win more states decisively, not see party insiders rig it for him.

Spectrum News Taylor Popielarz: Under current RNC rules, Trump still has to win the requisite number of nominating convention delegates—1,215—to become the party's unchallenged presumptive nominee. After the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, Trump leads Haley in the race for delegates 32 to 17. But passage of this resolution, possibly next week at the RNC winter meeting in Las Vegas, could begin a preemptive process of the national party working with the former president as if he had already done so," @DavidMDrucker writes.

The Spectator's Ben Domenech: Why are they acting scared? This is stupid. If you think you're going to crush Nikki in 3-4 weeks, why do the equivalent of yelling STOP THE COUNT!

Business Insider: The RNC chair once said the party wouldn't put 'our thumb on the scale' to support Trump in the primary. Now, she's calling for Haley to drop out.

S.E. Cupp: This is not democracy. I know Trump wants to be Putin, but we are not in Russia.

Minnesota State Representative Kristin Robbins: I expect the RNC to vote this resolution down. Our party & country benefit from robust competition between candidates to earn the nomination. Our nominee needs 1215 delegates to win. Current totals are Trump 32 - Haley 17. Don't short-circuit the process!

National Review Online's Noah Rothman: This can't be right. I've been reliably informed that Republicans will not stand for election interference.

Scott Brown: Having worked at the RNC, I find this resolution odd and strangely insecure. What's a "presumptive nominee"? The annual presidential nominating convention is where a Party nominee is selected by delegates AFTER primaries end.

Kevin McLaughlin: Love watching people complaining about rigged elections rigging an election.

Doug Heye: This would make Trump finally right about the process being rigged.

Business Insider's Allan Smith: Confirming @thedispatch:RNC considering a resolution to declare Trump the "presumptive nominee" at next week's winter meetings. We spoke to some RNC members who are pushing back. Full draft resolution attached

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