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Haley Campaign Press Release - Nikki Surging, DeSantis Falls to 5th Place

November 18, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. – It's a dark, dark time for Ron DeSantis—and we're not talking about the recent time change. Between lighting $100 million on fire and dropping precipitously in the polls, it's looking awfully grim for the DeSantis campaign. Expect him to get even more desperate and deranged in his attacks on Nikki Haley.

The week started with news of Haley's initial $10 million ad buy and the release of 70+ prominent endorsements in Iowa. Then came poll after poll after poll after poll after poll showing Haley surging in New Hampshire and destroying Joe Biden in the general election.

Take a look for yourself...

New York Post: Nikki Haley surges in New Hampshire as Ron DeSantis slips to single digits: polls

Politico Playbook: BAD SIGN FOR DeSANTIS — A new WaPo/Monmouth poll has Florida Gov. RON DeSANTIS down to fifth place in New Hampshire, as DONALD TRUMP maintains his big lead and NIKKI HALEY rises solidly into second.

USA Today: Ron DeSantis slipping: Falls further behind Donald Trump and Nikki Haley in New Hampshire

Newsmax: N.H. Poll: Haley Surges to 2nd, DeSantis Slips to 4th

The Hill: Haley emerges as second to Trump in New Hampshire: Poll

WMTV: MU Poll: Haley holds landslide lead on Biden

New York Magazine: Haley Is on the Brink of Croaking DeSantis

National Review: DeSantis Falls to Fifth Place in New Hampshire while Haley Rises: Poll

CNN: "Look at Nikki Haley right now, she's jumped to second place. Nearly doubling her support from last September...Is Nikki Haley now the number one threat to potentially Trump getting the Republican nomination? Kevin Madden: Yeah I think she's the top one now. Clearly, she has momentum."

GOP Strategist Mike Dennehy, Daily Caller: If I were a betting man, I would say DeSantis is going to continue to drop, Nikki Haley will continue to rise, the other candidates will drop out of the race and DeSantis would be smart to drop out if he's lingering at middle single digits for the next month. If he hangs in at this rate without any movement at all, it would be a huge mistake for his future.

Tia Mitchell, NewsNation: "I think it is becoming pretty clear that the number two to Trump is arguably Nikki Haley now. For a long time, it was DeSantis. He arrived as the number two. But Nikki Haley, in a lot of ways, is starting to overtake him, if not in all the polls, definitely I would say in the hearts and minds of a lot of Republicans who want an alternative to former President Trump."

New York Daily News: Nikki Haley shoots up to 20% support in New Hampshire Republican presidential poll

WSVN 7 News: New Hampshire presidential poll shows DeSantis losing steam, Haley entering 2nd place

Director of Monmouth University Polling Patrick Murray, USA Today: Anyone still talking about DeSantis as the stalking horse is not keeping up with the race...

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Nikki Surging, DeSantis Falls to 5th Place Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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