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Haley Campaign Press Release - Nikki Haley's Whirlwind American Tour

March 05, 2024

The United States of America — Since the South Carolina primary, Nikki Haley has traveled over 8000 miles, met thousands of voters, held 15 rallies, and done dozens of media interviews. At every stop she urges voters to fight for a Republican Party that still believes in fiscal discipline and peace through strength. She reminds them that Donald Trump has only brought chaos and loss to the GOP. Republicans can't save America from the left if they can't win, and Donald Trump can't win.

From Utah to Maine and many states in between, here's what people are saying:


Denver 7: Nikki Haley makes campaign stop in Colorado ahead of Republican primary

  • "We don't anoint kings in America, we have elections. We give people choices," Haley said.

CBS News: Nikki Haley says Donald Trump will drag the Republican Party down in Colorado, across the country

  • "Look what's happening in Colorado. Everybody sees what's happening in Colorado since Trump was president. It has moved left, further left, and it has moved the Republican party to leave our values and fiscal responsibility," Haley said. "And that's why we're seeing more Independents than ever before -- because they feel both parties are leaving them.

CPR News: A week out from the primary, presidential hopeful Nikki Haley is visiting Colorado

  • "Ambassador Nikki Haley is the Winston Churchill of our time," said Eid, in a statement. "She is the only candidate in either party with the courage and consistency to stand up for America in a world that is getting more dangerous by the day."

The Denver Post: Opinion: Here's why Colorado's (unaffiliated) voters should support Nikki Haley on Super Tuesday (Opinion: Jim Martin)

  • In a political climate characterized by division and partisanship, Haley stands out as a unifying and principled leader who can bring people together. She's committed to public service and is an ideal choice for unaffiliated voters seeking a candidate who can deliver real results and make a positive impact on our state.

The Denver Post: Nikki Haley urges hundreds at Colorado campaign stop to "go with something new" in presidential race

  • "We can either go with more of the same or we can go with something new," Haley said. "More of the same is not just Joe Biden. More of the same is also Donald Trump."

Colorado Politics: Republican Nikki Haley unveils Colorado leadership team ahead of campaign rally in Centennial

  • He added: "Haley has a proven record of bringing diverse groups together to reach positive and pragmatic outcomes. She did this in South Carolina, at the United Nations with our allies, and she will do this for America."


Bangor Daily News: These Maine Republicans are backing Nikki Haley over Donald Trump

  • "It's the easiest path for Republicans to victory," Thibodeau said. "Nikki Haley will win in a landslide and have coattails as part of it."

Portland Press Herald: Nikki Haley announces Maine campaign team a week before presidential primary

  • "Mainers know what's at stake in this election," Haley said in a written statement to the Press Herald on Tuesday morning. "Republicans are looking for a change in leadership and someone who can focus on the issues, whether it's the border, the economy, or our national security."

News Center Maine: Susan Collins endorses Nikki Haley in Maine's Republican primary


WZZM: RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE: Nikki Haley rallies supporters in Grand Rapids on the eve of Michigan's presidential primaries

  • "Michigan was a beacon," Haley told 13 ON YOUR SIDE. "Everybody was bragging about all that Michigan had accomplished. And since Trump became president, Michigan has lost the governor's mansion, they've lost the State House, they've lost the State Senate, and up and down the ticket, they've had losses. And now, you have a divided party within Michigan, but that's happening all over the country. Donald Trump is a sinking ship."

Washington Examiner: Nikki Haley makes '40%' case against Trump in Michigan days before primary

  • "So the issue at hand is he's not going to get the 40% if he's going and calling out my supporters and saying they're barred permanently from MAGA. He's not gonna get the 40% by calling them names. He's not going to get to 40% by trying to take over the [Republican National Committee], so it pays all his legal fees. He's not going to get the 40% if he is not willing to change and do something that acknowledges the 40%. And why should the 40% have to cave to him?"

The Detroit News: Nikki Haley blames Donald Trump for GOP losses, division in Michigan

  • "He wants to have the Republican Party be his own playpen," Haley told The News of Trump. "You can't have a playpen where you use campaign contributions to pay your personal court cases. You can't have a playpen where you go and you criticize your opponents' supporters."

Michigan Review: Nikki Haley Takes on Trump, Biden at Troy Rally

  • On spending, Haley criticized Democrats and Republicans. She noted that since Trump took office, in 2017, the national debt has increased from $20 trillion to $34 trillion."

Detroit Free Press: Nikki Haley urges Michigan voters to pick her over Trump and 'chaos'

  • "The problem is chaos literally follows him," she said. "We can't be a country in disarray, in a world on fire, and go through four more years of chaos, we won't survive."


CBS News: Nikki Haley hopes to win over Minnesota Republicans ahead of Super Tuesday

  • Criticized for failing to go after Trump, Haley came out swinging. "At no point is he talking about the lawlessness in our cities, and at no point is he talking about what he is going to do about the wars around the world. All he is doing is talking about himself," she said.

Minnesota Reformer: Nikki Haley rallies in Minnesota after losing primary in home state

  • "In 2012, we voted for Rick Santorum over Mitt Romney. In 2016, we voted for Marco Rubio over Ted Cruz and President Trump," Robbins said. "So Nikki is giving voters a choice. Does our party want to look back? Or do we want to look to the future? If we want to win and unite our country around a positive vision for America, Nikki is the best candidate who can do that."

MPR News: Nikki Haley tells Minnesota crowd it's time for a new direction in White House race

  • "We need someone fresh and new. We need to get rid of the old guys," Frazee said. "I'm sorry but Trump is just, he's a narcissistic old man and we need someone with some fresh ideas."


Deseret News: Nikki Haley to Deseret News: Voters are 'desperate for another choice'

  • "That's why I'm running," she said. "I mean, I think that we're better than this. And I think that, you know, America has an amazing ability to self-correct. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to know where up is. We're there. Now, we just have to see if everybody's willing to go up."

Salt Lake Tribune: Nikki Haley says states should have 'full control' of what national monuments — like Bears Ears — 'go up or go down'

  • Kerry Vance, from Riverton, said she wants her grandkids can have a brighter future and felt inspired by Haley's message and feels the candidate is "not just talk, but you can tell she's really sincere.""And I've had other politicians that have lied to me," Vance said. "And that's blatant. And I just felt good coming today and seeing an opportunity for something different."

The Daily Utah Chronicle: Nikki Haley Encourages Utah Voters to Shift Values Back to 'faith, family and freedom'

  • At the event, held in a packed room with an additional overflow room full of 500 people, Haley discussed many issues including border policy, fiscal responsibility, national security, veterans and the new direction she wants to take the country in — which she said is very different than both President Joe Biden and Trump.

Lehi Free Press: Nikki Haley visits Utah County in hope-focused political rally

  • Directly following her speech, Haley held an hour-long meet and greet for all interested attendees. She continued encouraging listeners to fight for a change in the Country and attend caucus meetings.

The UVU Review: "I am going to keep on fighting": Nikki Haley rallies supporters as state caucus looms

  • Haley's event was well-attended and saw a full house within the Noorda event venue. Overflow halls were also set up, which supporters also filled to the brim. Supporters told The Review their frustrations with the current state of the race, and why Trump wasn't the man to win in November. "I think Donald Trump is going to find himself with too many legal issues that he's not going to be electable," Gwen Adams, a volunteer and supporter for Nikki Haley, told The Review. "I think [Trump supporters] should actually listen to Nikki, listen to the actual things, don't listen to Trump because he's not telling the truth. Listen to what she has to say and make their decision."


The Roanoke Times: Roanoke College Virginia poll: Haley would lead Biden, Trump would not

  • If Haley were to be the Republican nominee, she would have a nine-point lead over Biden (49% to 40%).

WJLA: Nikki Haley focuses on crime, education, border security & economy ahead of Super Tuesday

North Carolina

The Charlotte Observer: What's next for Nikki Haley? NC supporters share their thoughts ahead of Super Tuesday

  • Laura Schwenk, of Huntersville, said she was drawn to come see Haley speak after seeing her performance in Republican primary debates and because of her husband's support for the candidate. "I feel like she's the only one who kind of held her ground with everything," she said. Schwenk said that as a "swing voter," she's considering voting for Haley in Tuesday's primary. Her husband, Binit Patel, noted that he and Haley have "similar roots" as they're both Indian-American and grew up in rural South Carolina. Patel said he thinks a younger, woman president would be "good change" for the country. "I think she's done well for herself, and I think she'd be a good leader," he said. "I think we need a change." He's decided he'll vote for Haley Tuesday, Patel said.

The Raleigh News & Observer: 'Normal again.' Nikki Haley on why she's a better choice than Trump in NC's GOP primary

  • College student Margaret Hope Scott of Clayton was at not just her first Haley event, but her first time volunteering for any political event. Scott was passing out Haley merchandise as people came into the building." "The direction that (Haley) would like to head with this country, I'm a huge fan of it. I think it's definitely something we need, especially as a younger generation, she's really got the embodiment of the American values back where it needs to be," Scott said.

The Carolina Journal: Haley supporters rally in Raleigh ahead of primary

  • Jackson said that if it came down to Trump vs. Biden in the general election, she would not vote for either, a common sentiment amongst Haley supporters. "She's God-inspired. We need someone with dignity and that our children can look up to. We don't need the older people," Jackson told the Carolina Journal. "This is for my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren. I have five children, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, and this is for them. I'm 89, this is for the young people. God will not let Trump get in there again…he has low morals and no dignity; we need dignity," said Jackson.


Boston Globe: 'We need you to keep the faith.' Haley leaning on Massachusetts, other Super Tuesday states to keep campaign alive

MassLive: Super Tuesday 2024: Offering a 'new direction' Nikki Haley barnstorms the Bay State

  • We can't can't just love our men and women when they're gone. We gotta love them when they come home too," she said. Her supporters echoed that sentiment. "[Trump] isn't a patriot," Cathy Cosgrove, 57, of Franklin, said as she waited in line with Susan Dewsnap, 56, also of Franklin. The mother of a veteran, Cosgrove said she appreciated that Haley is "much more serious on foreign policy and where we get involved." Both women said they were independent voters who were put off the GOP by the twice-impeached Trump, who also faces four criminal indictments, and has been held liable in several civil actions. "I'm one of those women who had enough," Dewsnap, a financial adviser, said. Haley has "very moderate stances and "she's fair and honest."

WBTS: Nikki Haley makes appearance in Needham ahead of Super Tuesday

  • She also detailed her thoughts on Massachusetts migrant housing situation and the Bay State's Right to Shelter law, saying, "The amount of money Massachusetts is spending to take care of illegal immigrants is the same amount of money they could be doing to take care of their own homeless, mental health, to take care of the needs of the people of Massachusetts. At some point this all has to stop."


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker endorses Nikki Haley for president at Stockyards rally

  • Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker bucked the trend of most prominent Texas politicians by endorsing former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley for president. Parker introduced Haley at a packed rally Monday at Tannehill's Tavern in the Stockyards.
  • She called the former South Carolina governor's message a hopeful vision for the future. "Each of you are here because you're voting for someone, not against the status quo," Parker said. She called Haley inspirational, adding that Haley inspires people to be better together.

Fort Worth Report: Two generations of Fort Worth mayors endorse Nikki Haley ahead of Election Day

  • Sharon Hoffman, a rally attendee, said Haley's support of military personnel is a key factor in her vote. Hoffman said her son is heading to bootcamp in two months ahead of his first deployment. While she doesn't agree with all of her policies, Haley's intelligence and demeanor appealed to her.

    "The fact that she's of my generation — she has kids my kids age — means a lot to me," Hoffman said. "I think she's just wicked smart."

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