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Haley Campaign Press Release - Nikki Haley Schools Ramaswamy and DeSantis on Ukraine

November 08, 2023

Nikki Haley supports giving military aid to Ukraine because she knows that Russia, Iran, and China are an "unholy alliance." Unlike her opponents, Haley understands that foreign policy doesn't happen in a vacuum. A strong America doesn't start wars; it prevents wars.

Ron DeSantis has been all over the map on Ukraine. He went from calling on Obama to aid Ukraine when he was in Congress, to calling the Russian invasion a "territorial dispute" in a desperate attempt to copy Donald Trump.

Vivek Ramaswamy is eager to throw Ukraine under the bus just like Israel and Taiwan. He called for giving Vladimir Putin large parts of Ukraine and ending sanctions on Russia, essentially informing America's enemies they're welcome to walk all over us.


DeSantis flip-flopped on Ukraine in a desperate attempt to copy Trump.

  • In Congress in 2014, DeSantis voted to authorize aid to Ukraine. In 2015, DeSantis criticized Barack Obama for not arming Ukraine and called for "a Reaganesque policy of strength" toward Russia.
  • In 2023, DeSantis called Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine a mere "territorial dispute" and said aiding Ukraine is not a vital U.S. interest. He endorsed a cease-fire but refused to say what concessions he would accept or encourage.
  • DeSantis resisted calls to divest the state of Florida from Russian financial interests at a time when lawmakers across the U.S. were imposing economic sanctions against Russia. The state pension fund reportedly lost $200 million that was invested in Russian companies after DeSantis failed to divest.

Criticism of DeSantis

  • Washington Post: Chris Sununu: Some of my GOP colleagues have lost their moral compass on Ukraine
  • Wall Street Journal: Ron DeSantis' first big mistake, the Florida governor toys with Trumpian retreat on Ukraine
  • New York Post: DeSantis must show leadership on issues like Ukraine to win the White House
  • Newsweek: Fox News calls out Ron DeSantis for 'flip-flop' on Ukraine
  • Wall Street Journal: Ron DeSantis's remarks on foreign policy always seem targeted at some constituency. He spent this week bogged down in a marginal argument with Ms. Haley over refugees from the Middle East. He looks determined to hold onto the Trump-Ramaswamy isolationist faction in the party. But as in 1941, events have isolated the isolationists.
  • Wall Street Journal: DeSantis isn't at home abroad


  • Ramaswamy opposes aid to Ukraine and supports giving large parts of Ukraine to Russia to end the war. He says he will move Russia away from China by giving Russia almost everything it wants.
    • New York Times: "He says he would pursue an agreement that would offer sweeping concessions to Mr. Putin, including ceding most of Ukraine's Donbas region to Russia, lifting sanctions, closing all U.S. military bases in Eastern Europe and barring Ukraine from NATO. In exchange, he would require Russia to end its military alliance with China and rejoin the START nuclear treaty."
  • Ramaswamy wants to end sanctions on Russia and stop Ukraine's entry into NATO.
  • Ramaswamy told CNN: "Our goal should not be for Putin to lose, our goal should be for America to win."

Criticism of Ramaswamy

  • Newsweek: GOP Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy blasted for Putin 'appeasement' plan
  • National Review: Vivek Ramaswamy takes nationalist logic to its obvious, horrifying conclusion


Haley is the most vocal candidate supporting military aid to Ukraine and articulating the importance of defeating Russia.

  • Haley supports sending military aid to Ukraine, but not cash payments or American troops. She believes Europe should do more to shoulder the burden of economic aid.
  • Haley supports giving cluster munitions to Ukraine and supports letting Ukraine into NATO.
  • In June 2023, Haley refuted DeSantis' claim that the Russia-Ukraine war is a "territorial dispute" and reiterated the importance of aiding Ukraine, saying, "this is a war about freedom, and it's one we have to win."
  • Haley wrote an op-ed arguing that the Russian invasion isn't just about Ukraine. If Russia wins in Ukraine, China wins. A win for Russia will embolden China and could lead to World War Three.

Haley has a longstanding record of supporting Ukraine going back to her days as UN ambassador.

  • Haley's first remarks to the UN Security Council were to condemn Russia's aggressive actions in Ukraine and call for the immediate end of the Russian occupation of Crimea.
  • Haley was a standout critic of Russia in the Trump administration, saying Russia should "never" be trusted and Russia is "never going to be our friend."
    • Politico: "At the United Nations, Ambassador Nikki Haley has denounced the Kremlin so many times it has stopped being news, on issues ranging from Syria to Ukraine, over which Haley recently demanded 'clear and strong condemnation.'"
  • When Haley arrived at the UN, she ditched protocol and met with the Ukrainian ambassador before the Russian ambassador.

Praise for Haley

  • Clifford May, Washington Times: Supporting Ukraine and the price of American leadership
  • New York Post: Inside Nikki Haley's quest to be America's Iron Lady
  • Center Square: Give 'em hell, Haley! - America's ambassador slams the defeatists
  • Wall Street Journal: Mr. DeSantis is competing with Nikki Haley and perhaps one or two others to see who can emerge as the main challenger to Mr. Trump in Iowa and beyond. Ms. Haley is gaining support because she shows conviction. A bob and weave on Ukraine doesn't look good by comparison

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Nikki Haley Schools Ramaswamy and DeSantis on Ukraine Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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