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Haley Campaign Press Release - Nikki Haley Goes West!

February 27, 2024

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — With one week until Super Tuesday, Nikki Haley isn't slowing down. Since Sunday night, she's traveled more than 1,600 miles, ending her day with a packed rally in Centennial, Colorado. More than one thousand people came out to hear more about Haley's call for a return to fiscal responsibility, a strong national security, and a Republican Party that actually wins general elections.

Here's what they're saying…

KDVR's Ashley Michels: Nikki Haley takes the stage in Colorado for a rally ahead of Super Tuesday, which is one week from today. @KDVR

The Denver Post's Jim Martin: Nikki Haley stands out as a strong presidential choice for both Colorado Republican and unaffiliated voters. A seasoned politician with a wealth of experience, Haley is a compelling option for unaffiliated voters seeking a candidate. She is a strong choice for Coloradans who value civility, pragmatic leadership, bipartisan solutions and a fresh perspective on our challenges.

9 News' Marshall Zelinger: At the Nikki Haley event in Centennial. Former Deputy Secretary of State and lawyer for conservative issues Suzanne Staiert introduces the Republican candidate for president. #copolitics

Washington Post's Dylan Wells: Nikki Haley kicks off her event in Centennial, Colorado — biggest applause lines so far are her pitch for term limits and mental competency tests.

Denver 7 Brandon Richard: Haley: "We're seeing [Trump] take over the Republican National Committee. This has never happened before. The RNC was always about winning races up and down the ticket. They made it very clear that now the RNC is only about Donald Trump." #copolitics @DenverChannel

Denver 7 Brandon Richard: Haley: "I'm looking at the fact that no Republican [in Colorado] has gotten over 45% statewide since Donald Trump was president." #copolitics

CBS News' Nidia Cavazos: "If there is a resolution on whether the RNC funds are going to pay for legal fees, we deserve to see how every national committeeman votes on that resolution." -Nikki Haley tells crowd in Centennial, Colorado

Washington Post's Dylan Wells: "Alright y'all, I'm still standing here," says Haley as Colorado supporters chant "don't quit."

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