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Haley Campaign Press Release - Nikki Haley Announces Vermont State Leadership Team

February 20, 2024

MONTPELIER, Vt. – As Nikki Haley heads towards Super Tuesday, she announced her Vermont state leadership team. The impressive team includes nearly a dozen state legislators and is chaired by the Republican Leader for the Vermont House of Representatives, Pattie McCoy; the Republican Whip for the Vermont House of Representatives, Casey Toof; State Representative Ashley Bartley; and former Governor Jim Douglas. Before announcing her leadership team, Haley also received the endorsement of Vermont Governor Phil Scott earlier this year ahead of the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary.

This team of elected officials, business leaders, and influential community members will offer key insight as Vermont voters head to the polls on Super Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

"It's time for a new generation of leadership in this country, and Nikki Haley is leading the charge," said State Representative Ashley Bartley. "She's the only candidate who can break through the drama and chaos and actually deliver on the issues that are facing this country. Vermonters are looking for someone who can bring freedom and unity, and that's absolutely Nikki Haley."

"The Green Mountain State knows what's at stake in this election. We need someone who can put in eight years and be focused on the issues that are impacting Americans' daily lives," said Nikki Haley. "I am so grateful to our team in Vermont and their hard work to help us build a strong and proud America. We are ready for Super Tuesday!"

"We need a president who is going to get us back to the basics: making sure that our economy is strong and that we're protecting the liberties of all Americans," said former Governor Jim Douglas. "Nikki Haley's experience as South Carolina's chief executive is what this country needs."

"Nikki Haley is the last woman standing between the rematch the majority of Vermonters – and Americans – do not want. She is a new generational conservative leader who will get our country back on track, secure both sides of the border, grow the economy, and make sure our children are set up for success," said House Republican Leader Pattie McCoy.

Haley's Vermont Leadership Team:


  • Ashley Bartley, State Representative (Franklin-1)

  • Pattie McCoy , State Representative (Rutland-1), House Republican Leader

  • Casey Toof, State Representative (Franklin-8), House Republican Whip

  • Jim Douglas, Former Governor

  • Mary and Tom Evslin, Businessman, Former Vermont Secretary of Transportation

  • Joe Benning, Former State Senate Republican Leader

  • Bruce Lisman, Business Leader & Founder of Campaign for Vermont


  • Scott Beck, State Representative (Caledonia-Essex)

  • Carolyn Branagan, State Representative (Franklin-1)

  • Pat Brennan, State Representative (Chittenden-19)

  • Tom Burditt, State Representative (Rutland-2)

  • Lynn Dickinson, State Representative (Franklin-2)

  • Rodney Graham, State Representative (Orange-3)

  • Jim Harrison, State Representative (Rutland-11)

  • Woodman Page, State Representative (Orleans-2)

  • Butch Shaw, State Representative (Rutland-8)

  • Larry Cupoli, Former State Representative (Rutland-5-2)

  • Peter Fagan, Former State Representative (Rutland-5-1)

  • Marty Feltus, Former State Representative (Caledonia-4)

  • John Mitchell, Former State Representative (Franklin-2)

  • Steve Larabee, Former Vermont GOP Chair, Former State Representative (Caledonia-Washington-1)

  • Jeff Bartley, Former Vermont GOP Executive Director

  • Dawn Terrill, Former Vermont Secretary of Transportation, Former Finance Chair for Vermont GOP, Business Owner

  • Stephen Trahan, Former Franklin County GOP Chair

  • John MacGovern, Windsor County GOP Chair

  • George Brakeley, Grassroots Leader

  • Pamela Cowan, Grassroots Leader

  • Andrew Crossman, Grassroots Leader

  • Mike Donohue, Grassroots and Business Industry Leader

  • Chad Dunbar , Grassroots Leader

  • Cynthia Duprey, Grassroots Leader

  • Eric Gershman, Grassroots Leader

  • Tim Hayward, Chief of Staff to Former Governor Douglas

  • Susan Hayward, Gubernatorial Appointee

  • Jon Hughes, Grassroots Leader

  • Mark Johnston, Grassroots Leader

  • Peter Judge, Grassroots Leader

  • Dolores Norris, Grassroots Leader

  • Tony O'Rourke, Grassroots Leader

  • Ronald Pal, Grassroots Leader

  • Andrew Shaw, Grassroots Leader

  • Lane Shea, Grassroots Leader

  • Mark Shepard, Grassroots Leader

  • John Whitman, Grassroots Leader

  • Deborah and Gordon Winters, Business Leaders

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