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Haley Campaign Press Release - Nikki 1, The Fellas 0

December 06, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. – You know Nikki Haley is winning because her opponents are falling over themselves trying to attack her. Spoiler alert: It's not sticking. Nikki is still winning and jealousy is not a good look on the fellas.

Matt Lewis, Daily Beast: Nikki Haley is taking all the arrows... which means SHE is the frontrunner tonight.

Scott Jennings, CNN: Haley with a calm, effective retort to Vivek's opening broadside. #GOPDebate

David Drucker: If Haley gets attacked all night, that's a win for her ... as long as she can handle it. And it tells you how the winds have changed in the second tier of candidates hoping to become the consensus alternative to TRUMP.

Alice Stewart, CNN: There's a reason candidates are going after @NikkiHaley - she's a threat. #GOPDebate

Spencer Bowers: The knives are out and @NikkiHaley is winning.

Sarah-Ewall Wice: Nikki Haley, clearly the target on stage tonight, says she loves "all the attention fellas, thank you for that"

EJ Dionne, Washington Post: I think we can conclude that #NikkiHaley has made it. She is the punching bag, taking shots from both De Santis & Ramaswamy. That means she's the one on the rise. "I love all the attention, fellas," she said. #RepublicanDebate

Brian Stelter: Nikki Haley with the #1 line of the debate thus far: "I love all the attention, fellas, thank you for that"

The Tuscaloosa News: Nikki Haley, under attack, calls other candidates 'jealous'

Alice Stewart, CNN: Chris Christie is right about these 2 things: Nikki Haley is a "smart, accomplished woman" and Vivek Ramaswamy is an "obnoxious blowhard." #GOPDebate

The Hill: Nikki Haley responds to attacks from opponents: "I love all of the attention fellas"

Heather Nauert: The men in the debate are trying to take down @NikkiHaley bc her candidacy is on the rise and she's the only candidate who can expand the GOP base and beat Biden. The guys' "hits" on her are inaccurate, silly, even insulting, and they'll backfire. #GOPDebate #NewsNation

Donovan O'Neil: Let's go with the @AFPAction shout out from @NikkiHaley in the first 15 minutes. She's got the momentum and vision to build a winning movement that can beat Biden in November. Proud to stand with her.

Johanna Maska, News Nation: 9 trillion dollars in debt - and more PPP fraud than money spent in Ukraine, Nikki Haley. She's appropriately calling out Trump for his spending. #GOPDebate

Axios: Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley immediately emerged as the target for her Republican rivals during the fourth primary debate.

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