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Haley Campaign Press Release - Nevada, Iowa Mayor Endorses Nikki Haley for President

December 18, 2023

NEVADA, Iowa – This morning, Nevada mayor and Story County GOP chair, Brett Barker, endorsed Nikki Haley for president during a Haley town hall. Barker is one of "Iowa's 50 Most Wanted" Republicans according to the Des Moines Register and will be a pivotal organizer in the final weeks leading up to the caucuses.

According to the Des Moines Register, "Brett Barker is a triple threat: He's the mayor of the city of Nevada, he's the chair of the Story County Republican Party and he helps lead the Young Republicans of Iowa. The Story County GOP, which covers Ames, is one of the more effective county parties in the state, Republicans say, hosting a steady stream of presidential candidates. And the Young Republicans organization is becoming a force in its own right."


"I look around the country and I see leaders spinning us over a cliff. I see a world on fire and I see leadership in D.C. that's both incompetent and unserious. Meanwhile, many of our own Republican candidates are more worried about unserious online banter, than actually talking about policies that will get our country back on track. Who here thinks the future of our country depends on beating Joe Biden? Every single poll shows that Nikki Haley is a candidate most able to beat Joe Biden. And we aren't just talking about small margins. We're talking about margins that are about 17 points. Those types of margins we haven't seen since the Reagan era. And those would bring victory up and down the ticket all across the country. And this is the third time I've had the opportunity to introduce Ambassador Haley here in Nevada. And I've got to tell you, I've only become more impressed.

"We watched her take on the establishment in South Carolina, despite risk to her own career. We watched her stare down tyrants at the United Nations. And more recently, we watched her debate important issues on the national stage with both poise and grace. Like all of you, I've spent the last couple of years, honestly, meeting and vetting candidates. I've watched how they interact with Iowans. I've watched how they answer hard questions. And there's one that stands out. And I'm officially announcing today that I've made my decision for who I intend to caucus for on January 15, and that person is Nikki Haley."

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Nevada, Iowa Mayor Endorses Nikki Haley for President Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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