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Haley Campaign Press Release - Halftime Verdict: Nikki Haley is the Conservative Leader on the Stage

September 27, 2023

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. – It's halftime in the second presidential debate and one thing is clear: Nikki Haley is the conservative leader on the stage.

From cutting health care costs to fixing our broken immigration system to boosting our economy, Haley is showing her characteristic toughness and depth of experience. She has real solutions for America.

Here's what people are saying.

National Review: @EsotericCD: Nikki Haley has impressed me again, she simply carries an appealing "serious mom" vibe that, in any other cycle without Trump looming large, would travel.

Brennan Gorman: Republicans need to move past Trump and instead support someone who will unite our country. That person is @NikkiHaley. #GOPDebate

Jeff Bulman: We don't need more one liners but a strategy to move our #economy forward. The only candidate to give a clear answer was @NikkiHaley. #Debate2023

Jon Thompson, NFIB: Glad to hear @NikkiHaley note in her opening statement that the 2018 tax cut for small businesses (the Small Business Deduction) should be made permanent. She's 100% right. #GOPDebate

New York Post: Second Republican presidential debate live updates: Nikki Haley blames Bidenomics for labor strikes

Kirsten Kukowski: So far I've learned @NikkiHaley is the only one who had any kind of solution to the economy in the past 30 minutes. Otherwise it's just a bunch of men bickering and complaining. #GOPDebate

Frank Lutz: Nikki Haley's "No budget, no pay" is the best line of the night so far. #GOPDebate

Frank Lutz: At the first commercial break, Vivek has dominated the #GOPDebate's speaking time, but Nikki Haley had the best line so far.

Javon Price, America First Policy Institute: Love Nikki Haley's idea that if the government shuts down then members of Congress shouldn't get paid either

Johanna Maska, News Nation: In 40 years Congress has only passed a budget on time 4 times, Nikki Haley says if they can't pass a budget they shouldn't be paid. #GOPDebate

Joe Khalil, News Nation: Nikki Haley- if Congress fails to pass a budget and brings the country into a shutdown, Congress shouldn't get paid

Nancy Vu, Washington Examiner: Nikki Haley says that members of Congress should not get paid during a government shutdown."In 40 years, Congress has only delivered a budget on time four times. If they don't keep the government open, they should not get paid. No pay, no budget."

Jonathan Williams: Say it louder @NikkiHaley! 'If Congress doesn't pass a budget, they shouldn't get paid. No budget, no pay.' #GOPDebate

The Hill: Haley says lawmakers should go without pay if government shuts down

Adam Shaw, Fox News: NEW: @NikkiHaley says that the U.S. needs to go from "Catch-and-release" to "catch-and-deport" at the southern border

Jackson Richman, Epoch Times: @NikkiHaley talks about taking illegal guns off the street as a way to back law enforcement not just in word but also action.

Scott Morefield, Townhall: Gotta give @NikkiHaley a shout-out for calling out the fact that the US government gets its amoxicillin from China instead of USAntibiotics, which is located in my hometown of Bristol, Tennessee. Inexcusable!

Matt Stoller: Nikki Haley asks, "How can we be the best country and have the most expensive health care in the world?" It's not rhetoric, she's genuinely curious how to do it.

Chicks On The Right:YES, Nikki Haley. TEAR THE ENTIRE SYSTEM DOWN. #healthcare #GOPDebate

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Halftime Verdict: Nikki Haley is the Conservative Leader on the Stage Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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