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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley's Comet Is Rising

November 03, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. – There is no denying it... Nikki Haley's nationwide momentum is real and voters saw it up close yesterday in New Hampshire. Her town halls are packed, her poll numbers are rising, and it's clear this is a two-person race... between one man and one woman.

The Proof Is In the Pudding

Boston Herald: Haley's Comet: Standing-room only in New Hampshire for Nikki

A quick stop for an early-afternoon lunch at Poor Boy's Diner was simply not an option, nor was parking in their oversized lot or along the street leading into it, after the restaurant filled to capacity with Nikki Haley supporters.

Yet more sat outside in the early-November cold, seated in an overflow area well before the former South Carolina governor made her way down Rockingham Road and into the double-parked lot. It was unclear if the large SUV she stepped out of would have room to leave.

New Hampshire Journal: Sununu Teases Possible Haley Endorsement During NH Campaign Swing

Haley's campaign is on a roll, with new polls showing her ahead of DeSantis in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, and her numbers still heading north. There have also been reports of big-dollar donors who were backing DeSantis as the alternative to Trump now taking a closer look at Haley.

Haley was recently endorsed by former U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg, and on Thursday, her campaign announced new endorsements, including state Rep. Mike Moffett, former state Sens. Dave Currier and Nancy Stiles, and former state Rep. Vicki Schwaegler — and more to come, the campaign said.

Politico Playbook: Haley's moment

But evidence has been piling up that Haley might actually have something on her hands — buoyed by strong debate performances, poll numbers that have been consistently climbing and a growing chorus of Republicans telling all the boys to pack up and let her take Trump head on...

Florida Gov. RON DeSANTIS' numbers are sliding in Iowa — since August, he's dropped about 3 points while Haley has jumped up 10, per the esteemed Iowa Poll. A second-place finish for him is unlikely to change the sense of try-hard lethargy that has surrounded his campaign. He's already polling in third place in New Hampshire (the trendline of his RCP polling average in the state is a downhill schuss), and it's hard to imagine him besting Haley in South Carolina, her home state, where she was twice elected governor.

Haley's allies make the case that Iowa is do or die for DeSantis, and that by contrast, she is the only candidate in a strong position in all three early states.

WMUR: "Nikki Haley's surge in New Hampshire shows no signs of slowing down."

Sununu has been searching for a GOP alternative to former President Donald Trump.

"We have Nikki leading the charge – a more than solid second place in New Hampshire," Sununu said.

In a packed Poor Boy's Diner in Londonderry, with an overflow crowd watching a live feed of the event, Haley lauded Sununu for stepping up in places where she said the federal government is not.

CBS News: Nikki Haley is a threat to the DeSantis and Trump campaigns

"Yes, so Nikki Haley is having a moment here in New Hampshire and it's not only here in New Hampshire but it's in the other early states such as Iowa and South Carolina.

"...she has been a target by former President Donald Trump as well as other GOP candidates, including Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis and even the DNC but this shows that she is becoming sort of a target but is also a threat to these campaigns."

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