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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Wins the Week... Again

December 22, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The consensus is in: Haley's momentum is real and this is a two-person race between Nikki Haley and Donald Trump.

Here's what people are saying...

Julia Manchester, NewsNation: I think this is very significant that former President Trump is attacking Haley, particularly in a state like New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Journal: Haley's Hot Streak Continues in New St. A's Poll

Gov. Chris Sununu's endorsement has provided rocket fuel to Nikki Haley's campaign, said New Hampshire GOP strategist Patrick Hynes. We now have a competitive, two-person race. This is going to be fun!

Fox News: Nikki Haley closes to within four percentage points of Trump in surprise New Hampshire poll

New Hampshire Today's Chris Ryan: The @nhiop poll backs up recent polling that shows we have ourselves a race in the #FITN. The @NikkiHaley surge appears to be legit following the endorsement of @ChrisSunun #NHPolitics

Jewish Insider's Josh Kraushaar: Getting interesting in NEW HAMPSHIRE:

Josh Holmes, Ruthless: My winner of the week is Nikki and the reason that it's Nikki is because of the New Hampshire poll that just came out showed her at 29%... That's the first game changing poll that we've seen... Then there was an Emerson poll that came out yesterday that showed her leading in Iowa.

New York Post: Nikki Haley within striking distance of Trump in NH GOP primary poll

The Messenger: Poll: Nikki Haley Gaining on Trump in New Hampshire

A new Saint Anselm College poll shows that GOP candidate Nikki Haley is making significant moves in New Hampshire, getting closer and closer to Donald Trump while her opponents remain farther behind.

News Nation: Leland Vittert's War Notes: Trump Thinks Nikki is a Threat

WMUR: Saint Anselm poll shows Nikki Haley gaining on former President Donald Trump in Republican primary

Support for Haley has doubled since the last poll, while Trump is holding steady. It's important to note that this poll was conducted five and six days after Gov. Chris Sununu's endorsement of Haley. There's a big gap separating Trump and Haley from the rest of the pack.

The Messenger: Poll: Nikki Haley Gaining on Trump in New Hampshire

Haley's climb shows that the primary race in New Hampshire is now getting to a more decisive phase — and Trump supporters seem to have noticed it.

Boston Herald: Nikki Haley closing the gap on Donald Trump in New Hampshire

After earning the key endorsement of New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, former Ambassador Nikki Haley has broken away from the pack pursuing former President Donald Trump and become the clear alternative... Neil Levesque, executive director at Saint Anselm's New Hampshire Institute of Politics, said along with the poll's release.

The Hill: Nikki Haley rises in New Hampshire

Nikki Haley is seeing clear signs of momentum as the most competitive alternative to former President Trump in the early voting state of New Hampshire.

WMUR's Adam Sexton: This shows Haley closing in on the GOP front runner... Trump 44%, Nikki Haley 30%, the closest anyone in the Republican field has gotten to the front runner.

Fox News' Jimmy Failla: A lot of the hot talk right now is that you are surging past Ron DeSantis in a lot of ways... Nikki Haley surging in the polls... Trump beats Biden in a lot of polls head-to-head by a point or two, Haley beats him by 15 to 18 points. The reason that's significant is because that means she can win down the ballot.

Washington Times: Wanna win? Haley contends she's stronger than Trump in head-to-head matchup with Biden

Corey Lewandowski, NewsNation: The latest poll shows that Nikki Haley is within 15 points of Donald Trump. No candidate has been within 15 points of Donald Trump in any race in any place since June of this year when Ron DeSantis had a small surge in Iowa. So this is real.

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